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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Take Flight Before It's Night

For the day is coming
To an end
When no one will send
A letter here
Or a letter there

For I do say,
“Work while it is yet day.”

For darkness shall come
And the earth shall be rung out
Like an old wet towel

So come to the light of day
And do not be an owl
In the night
Preying on those
That cannot see the light

But learn what is right
And learn to walk
In My might
Then you will know what to do
And have the power, too

Come and be Mine
While there is yet time
And I will help you see
What you can do for Me

For I have much
That I would like to give
And I would like to see
You come to know
What it truly means to live

Discover My ways
And you will uncover
What is right
In My sight

And you will learn
How to take flight
In the light of day
And see
What I want to show thee

What do you think
I meant life to be?

I tell you the truth
There is more to know
And see
Than you have thought it to be

But you will never know
Until I show you
What I made you to be -
A mystery hidden in Me

For I AM the Key
And the secret to life
Is hidden in Me

So if you want to find out
What your life is about
Then come to Me
And I will help you see
How to be fulfilled in Me

There is a time coming
Not long from now
When those that follow Me
Will see
What glory is, indeed

Not many have come to know
What I would like to show
But know it is available to you
If you will avail yourself
To seek My face
And find your place in Me

Call upon My name
And you will never
Be the same

For I proclaim
I will make a place for you
Where you can live with Me, too

And you will come to a place
Full of mercy and grace
That is waiting for you
If you only knew

For I have much in store
For all that would come
Through the door

But I AM the Door
There is no other way
But to lay your life down
If you desire
To receive a crown

For I know My ways
Seem backward and odd
And many think
I only carry a rod

Ready to swipe
Your backside
Before you hide

But nothing could be
Further from the truth
For you have listened
To the ruthless one
And to his lies

So do not think
That I AM like a man
Only desiring to show
My back hand

But I have a deep
Heart of love
And walk like a dove
I will only tell you the truth

Things only seem
Backward to you
Because there is one
That is bent on
Your destruction

And he it is
That sold you those lies
And conned you into thinking
That I only despise

But the truth is
That I think you’re a prize
And I want you
To be with Me
Throughout all eternity

If you will hear My heart
I will set you apart
And help you know
That I bore the cross
To show

How much I cared
To deliver you
From the punishment
That sin bears

You must repent
And come back to Me
If you wish to see
What life is meant to be

Man came to know sin
When he ate from
The forbidden tree
And now all see
What was never intended to be

And now all inherit the grim
Passed down
To each generation
From within

Therefore, all men
Became corrupt
And life became abrupt

When all fell
Under the curse
That sin would sell
Leading men to hell

But take heart
And be glad
For that is why
I came
So I could redeem you
From the same

So come hear My words
And as they begin
To stir deep within
I will give you a new grin

And a smile
To go with the love
I desire to pile
Upon you

For it is true
That I have a standard
And you
Must learn to know
What love is
So you, too
Can share it anew

Honor Me
And I will honor you
For I only tell the truth
To you

Give Me a chance
To reveal Myself to you
And help you see
That I AM truly He

The Lover of your soul
That longs to make you whole
And show you My ways
So you can leave the maze
You find yourself in

Come and win
Be with Me
And see good days
And I will show you My ways

So take flight
Before nightfall
And I’ll give you My all

The Lord of the Light, The King of Right,
Jesus of Nazareth 
July 28, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by William A. Lee



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