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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Signs Of The Times

Come with Me
And you will see
Things that must shortly
Come to pass

For this is the last hour
And by My power
I make known mysteries
And secrets hidden in Me

For all in the earth today
Shall marvel at the things
I am about to say

For many already see
The writing on the wall
But now I proclaim it
Plainly to all

That the time has come
And now is far spent
So do not waste the last hour
But come and repent

Repent of your sins
And repent 
Of your unholy ways
Or you will not come to see
The end of your days

For look and see
The signs of the times
For they are all around

Look in the air
And watch a jet go by
Then ask yourself why
Should an object so heavy fly?

When you drive your car
Think about how far 
You can go
Without a tow 
From a horse

Look at the skyline
Of any great city, too
And you will see
A dirty, foggy, goo

Look at the resources
Throughout the earth
And how they are being
Used and destroyed
With great mirth

Look at computers
And all they can do
What is next?
Will they take control of you?

Look at the state 
Of the world today
With missiles pointed
Every which way
Waiting to be hurled away
At a moment's notice

For all the nations groan
And moan
Of the things on the earth
Which have been sown

More and more
Earthquakes, hurricanes
And tsunamis, too
But many say, “Nothing new”

But the frequency
At which they come
Should make one
Stop and think

Like a woman
Ready to give birth
Her pains begin to increase
Until there is a release

For there are wars here
And wars there
Men searching for peace
But finding no release

Then there are those who
Terrorize the nations
Like those that 
Destroyed the great towers
In a couple of hours

So where will it all end
My friend?
Or do you not know?

For I Am the Holy One
And the Only One
That can declare the end
To you, My friend

For no horoscope
witch, fortune-teller 
Or any sooth-sayer, too 

Will ever be able 
To show you
What I am about to

For they all declare 
In error
Because they all follow
The hollow one

That evil one 
The devil,
The rebel of old
Or have you not been told?

For My name is Jesus
And I AM here to say,
Come follow Me
And live to see 
The Eternal Day!

For many things are coming
And like the beat of a drum
They shall all come
One by one
Till all are done

But what can I say 
To you today?
That you will hear
And help calm your fear?
For the time of the end is near

For I know many have thought
And wondered a lot
Whether the great bomb 
Will be used once again 
In the end

Hear it from Me 
My friend
It will be used once again!

For the heavens will be shaken
Like a mighty earthquake
When they roll with thunder
And fervent heat

And all nations
Shall tremble and shake
For fear when they see
The earth begin to bake

And all will know
That the end is near
And at the door

For it will be sour 
In that hour
For those that are alive 
And remain 

For they will proclaim 
In that hour,
“I wish to God I would die”

For death will be
The order of the day 
So for those
That would say,
“Let us negotiate peace”

I say “Get a grip”
For you will cause your own trip
You will slip
And fall until all
I have declared
Has been fulfilled

For not only shall many nations
See the bomb
But all others will experience
The effects of the wrong
And as a result 
There will be no calm

For I do proclaim
The truth, just the same
For the day and the hour
Shall be sour

But lift up your head and see
That there’s much more
To know
And more I’ll show

For the day and the hour has come
My words can barely express
The distress
That shall come upon the nations

For the distress will be great
As the nations are shaken
And come tumbling down
To the ground

For those that would think
That technology 
Will come to save
Shall only find 
That it will dig their grave

For nothing can save
And no one will see life 
But through Me

For I have the power
To help you stand in that hour
But for those that love Me
They shall not come to see 
These days

So don’t be alarmed
No hurt, nor harm
Shall come to you
Not even one hair on your head 

So be strong
For I know 
the number of hairs on your head
And not one shall fall
For fear of all
That is coming upon the earth

But those that think
They have life by the tail
Don’t forget to bring a pail
To bail 
As your ship begins to sink

For do not think
That it is My will
To do such ill
To those who live upon the earth

For this destruction is simply
The conclusion
To all the confusion

For all men have chosen their stead
And decided where to make their bed
And those that chose to go it alone
And forsake My throne
Shall moan and groan

For all the distress
That’s coming upon the earth
Is the fullness of all the unholy seed
That has been sown
And now has grown

And as with every seed
That is sown
When it is grown
It brings forth its fruit
And its bounty

For I declared from the beginning
That the wages of sin was death
And now you begin to see the fruit
On the tree

The seed that was sown
Is now fully grown
So now you see the fruit
Which came from the root
From long ago

For those that have forsaken Me
Shall soon see
Their fruit come to be

For the nations do judge themselves
And their judgment stands
Because the work of their hands
Declares what they have sown

So be wise
But not in your own eyes
For it is only as you look to Me
That you will escape
The things that are coming to be
upon the earth

For all those that thought
The bomb was to be the end
I do now send
You a new message and say,

There are weapons
That have not been used
Before this day

Devised in the heart
Of the evil one himself!

And in this last hour
They shall have the power
To scourge the earth

These will make the great bomb
Seem like a great calm
And seem like but a gong
Heard in the sound of the wind

For billions shall die
From the plagues yet to come
All by the scourges devised
In the hearts of the so-called wise

For these plagues
That shall come
Are not by My hand

But these plagues were devised
In the earth
By man
To kill with mirth

And even though I now foretell
And proclaimed it in My word
The half has not been told
What the earth has been sold

For when the seals
On the scroll are loosed
And the bowls are poured out
And the trumpets sound

You will find
That I only proclaimed
All that man would do
To maim just the same

For if you’ve read the book
About My Revelation
Then you know
Much of what has been said
And all about the dead

For the nations that forsake Me
Shall make their bed in hell
For I am not selling
A nursery rhyme here

But I do proclaim
And tell the truth the same
That the time of the end has come

And though many have thought
That I desire to destroy the nations with mirth
And send plagues to destroy the earth
Nothing could be further from the truth

To all that would forsake Me
And look the other way
I now proclaim it today

That I am no destroyer
But I only came to seek
And save that which was lost
And I willingly paid the highest cost

But those that have forsaken Me
I have only given them over
To their own destruction

And allowed them
To use and abuse
Each other with mirth
As they also destroy the earth

For in the end you will see
That it’s by the hand of man
That all will fall desperately
For I only lifted My hand
Of grace away

And as a result
What My hand had held back
Will only sack
The earth and all that dwell in it

For when the seals are broken
They only proclaim
The truth the same

When the trumpets sound
They only proclaim
The same

And when the bowls are poured out
They only proclaim
The same

They all proclaim
That man without Me
Is nothing
But insane

For all of man’s devices
That he has made
Not one of them
Shall be stayed

But all will be used
And all will devour
And all will scour
And kill with mirth
They that remain upon the earth

For without Me
Destruction is all to be found
In the heart of man

And in his hand
Is the power to make the tool
And proclaim the true meaning of a fool

For did I not proclaim in My book
That the fool has said in his heart,
There is no God?

But I proclaim
That I am alive and well!
As you can tell!

My eyes see far
And they see wide
And from them nothing can hide

Man in his greatest wisdom
Without Me
Is only doomed
For an eternity
Of hell and fire

For I did not make hell for man
But if he will stand
Against Me
That’s all he’ll see
For his victory

And for those that think
Their goodness will be their salvation
They have not read My book

Nor understood what it took
To redeem them
Nor have they understood
That I AM the Only One that is truly good

Without Me
You will see
That life is nothing short of misery

And for those 
That would desire
To be here with Me 

Yet are not willing
To acknowledge Me or My ways
Will quickly find
That this place is not their taste

But if you would seek truth
And desire to know what is right
Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle
So you can take flight

And like an eagle would
Fly high over the storm
I’ll help you do the same
When you acknowledge My Name

So don’t get too comfortable
In the place you find yourself in
For it won’t be long
Before you begin to see
The world start to spin

And all you have
And you’ve known till now
Will come to naught
And be brought
Down low

For neither gold
Nor silver
Will save you
From the days that are to come

For there is no place to go
And no place to flee
That will save you
Except Me

And though I proclaim
These awful days
I do it out of love

So that I might persuade
And save
As many as
Would look to Me
For there’ll be no other victory

Don’t be like the fool
Who is taken by surprise
Because he only can see
What is before his eyes

But see through My eyes
And see that which is coming to be
Before it overtakes thee
And you find yourself undone
With nowhere to run

For this sword is coming
Upon the whole earth
And it will kill with mirth
And none will have the power to stop it

For like a freight train
Running down a hill out of control
It only has one destination
And only has one goal

And that’s the end of the track
And there is no way
For it to go back

Things have been set into motion
Things that cannot be changed
So learn a valuable lesson

Seize the moment and the hour
To walk in My Spirit
And My power

So come to Me
And help save others too
For it will become glory to you

Don’t become a casualty
But come with Me
And help set others free

For that which I proclaim
Shall surely come
Just as the rain
In its due season

So come to Me
And get out of the rain
And prepare for the storm
That is coming upon the earth

For the only ones 
That shall escape
Are those that will make
Me thier Lord

And in that hour
They will hear the last trump sound
Calling them up to higher ground

They will not see
The destruction looming below
For they will be with Me
In glory

Enjoying a feast
Full of peace
And a release

For I have not determined
For My people
To see destruction

So come here
And be with Me too
Be one of the chosen few

For wide and broad is the road
That leads to destruction
And many there be
That go that way

For narrow is the road
That leads to life
And though the way
Is narrow and tight
And though there be a fight
It’s the right way to go

So pay the fare
And get a one-way ticket there
Turn your life over to Me
And I’ll help you see
What I have in store for thee

There is so much more
That I would like to say
But this is not yet that day

So come away with Me
And flee the destruction to come
And don’t come alone
But bring a few with you

Rise and be free
And come
Live with Me

Don’t think all that you have
Is what life was meant to be
For few there be
That have truly come to see
What life was meant to be

And though the end be at hand
Be the wiser
And stand with Me

For you will see
That I am humble and meek
And only seek

The best for you
And desire that you
Would be here with Me too

For that which comes
Is much destruction
And though these things
Must come to pass

Don’t find yourself
Like the frog
In the glass

Be wise and prepare
And learn what it means
To stare
Keep your eyes on Me 

And keep one eye fixed
On Eternity
And on that which is to come

So you will not forget
To set time aside
And learn what it means to abide

Come and learn more
About how to stand in this hour
And how to walk in My power

Be a flower full of beauty
And grace
Even in the midst of an evil race

So begin to chase true life
And discover
What’s right

Learn My principles
And My precepts, too
Then you’ll be able to take flight
And miss the night
When destruction comes

But if you will not come to Me
Then all I can say
Is farewell today
Enjoy the time you have left
For it is brief at best

For the grief
And the cry in that hour
Shall be so sour
That many will devour
Another man’s flesh
Just to have a little rest

So now you can see
A glimpse of that which is to yet be
So steer away today
And live to see another day

And if any would think
That I would proclaim
All this as some tactic to use fear
To try to steer you near to Me

All I can say is that
You have not known Me
Or My heart

Nor have you thought
The best of Me
Or stopped to think
That I’m trying help thee

So believe what you want
The choice is yours
I will not force
You to walk in My ways

But now I proclaim these things
Before they come to pass
So in the end

You’ll know I was just
And that I was worthy
Of your trust

So I plead with you today
Don’t go your own way
Hear My words
And think on them well
Before your life 
Becomes a living hell

I only tell you these things
To spare your life
And help you see
That I care enough 
To warn thee

So you will know
That the things I say
Are so

I will say but one more thing today
For there is now coming a great dearth
Upon the whole earth
And this is but a sign to say
Turn around 
And go the other way

Repent today
Of your unholy ways
And live to see better days

For if you will call out to Me
I will hear
And answer thee

But don’t play games
Talk to Me from your heart
Be true and straight
And I won’t be late
When you call out to Me

Thus says the Lord Jesus, Alpha and Omega

June 29, 2007 12:20 PM – A prophecy given by William A. Lee 
                                 – Recorded by Linda I. Lee


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