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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Religion is a Thief

For those that would think
That religion is alive and well
I do tell you the truth
That, in fact,
It does stink and smell
In My nostrils

And if you follow
In its path
You will only find
That it leads to hell

For those that do not understand
What I’m trying to say
Let me help you to see
And set the record straight today

Religion is like a man
That would put on a mask
But in the end
Deep down inside
He’s just trying to hide
From Me

Lest He see the truth
And the light
And what is right
In My sight

He makes an image
That appeals to his flesh
Which he thinks
Will offer peace and rest

But in the end
He will be empty
And hollow,
Shallow and fallow

Worst of all,
He has been deceived
To believe a lie

But in the end
He will only die
Without Me

For if you choose religion
Over Me
You’ll only fail to see
What I truly intended
For you to be

And if you think
That the show
Must go on

Then know one thing
I will not be there
To cheer you on

For my ways
May not be flashy
And a sight to see

But they will deliver thee
And bring you
Into a life of true victory

And in the end
They’ll set you free
As you keep your eyes 
Focused on Me

Religion is a killer
And a stealer
Of a man’s heart

And though it may start out benign
It is only a matter of time
Before it shows it’s true face

A counterfeit, indeed,
From the very start
It has no true heart

And all those that go that way
Will find their life
Full of strife And every sin
Hidden deep within

For religion does
Put on a good show
But it only leaves you 
Empty inside
With nowhere to go

Religion desires to rule your life
And bring you into subjection
Only to experience its rejection

Religion is empty and vain
And will never remove the stain
That only my blood
And sacrifice can wash away

Religion was devised
In the heart of the unwise
Seeking another way to salvation

But in the end
It will only bring
One to devastation

Religion was devised
In the heart of the father of lies
And those that practice his ways
Are just like him

For I declared
He is a thief
And comes not but to steal,
kill and destroy

And all that would follow
End up empty and hollow
Because they only employ
Him to destroy their lives

For the religious
Only lie in wait
To see what they can take

They do not give
Because they don’t know how to live
They horde up treasure
For their own pleasure

Everything goes in
But nothing comes out
And all they are about
Is what is left

They tie burdens
Around a man’s neck
That no one should bear
All to keep men
Under their care

But the fact is they do not care
They only lead you to believe
That they know the way to go
But in the end
It’s all just a show

For true salvation is found
In none other but Me,
For I AM He,
Jesus, the righteous tree

It was the religious leaders
Of my day
That thought me dross
And had me nailed to the Cross

But they have received
Their reward in full
Only to see
An eternity Without Me

The giver of life
And the lover of your soul

For in the end
I only desire
To make you whole

And help you to see
What I intended life to really be
And that more abundantly
Life with peace and grace
And a purpose to your race

For I came to give
So you could live
I gave My life
To set you free
And I will still gladly
Give my heart to thee

But first you must decide
If you truly want to know Me
And My ways
Or are you just out to see better days?

For it is true
That I will help you to see
Better days
But that is not what I want
Those that follow me
To dwell upon

For I desire
To help a man to see
What the true meaning of life
Ought to be

It starts by giving your life away
First to me
And then to others
As you discover
The truth I uncover

For I only speak the truth
And in Me there is no lie
For I Am no spy

And if you would serve Me
In truth it will not be long
Before you will find
That religion is a complete
Waste of your time

For I Am the true Vine
And in Me is the sap
That will sustain
And give you life

And if you live in Me
You will bear fruit
That will bring life
To a dying world

For the world
Is parched and dry
But they do not know why

But as I proclaimed
Sin will drain
Every drop of your life
And leave you for dead
On the highway of strife

Religion is the same
It cannot be tamed
It is a beast
That will only feast
On your flesh
And it will never truly refresh

So I ask you today
Which way
Are you going?

Don’t be a fool
And hide from the truth
Hoping it will go away

For avoiding the issues of life
Will not make them go away
So I say,
make the right choice
To live and see another day

I gave you the choice
And the voice
To decide
Where you’ll abide

For I set before you today
Life and death
So choose life
And not strife

Choose to walk with Me
And I will be good to thee
All your days
When you put your gaze
On Me

Come and look
Into My book
With new eyes
And I’ll teach you
The whys

For I made it plain to all
That would believe in me
And receive the call

But put all preconceived
And religious thoughts aside
And listen to what I truly said
And abide

Don’t change what I said
Or filter My words
Or you will fail to see
What I meant to be
Obvious to all

For only religion
Makes it hard to see truth
Lest you go
From their show
And truly come to know
What is right

But I will also say
That if you come My way
You will encounter a fight
When you set out to do right

But if you look to me
I will give you the wisdom
To take flight
And overcome the fight
And do what is right
In My sight

Religion is the biggest deception
Of all
So make sure you don’t fall
Into its trap
And become its next victim

For religion only paints a dream
That may seem
Like heaven

But in the end
It’s really leaven
That puffs up

And in the end
It will only send
You straight to hell

So don’t let religion sell
You a dream

For in the end
All you’ll hear are screams
And there’ll be weeping
And gnashing of teeth

So don’t be lazy
Become a sleuth
And find out
If what you’re doing
Bears witness to the truth

Religion is a thief
And in the end
It will only cause you grief
So forsake religion
And come follow Me

So says Jesus, the Lord from Galilee. 

August 04, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                       - Recorded by William A. and Linda I Lee



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