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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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I’ve Given You The Choice

Believe and rejoice
For I’ve given you the choice

The choice is yours
The choice to be with Me
Throughout eternity

The choice is yours
The choice to be
Lost and forsaken

For in Me is life
And I desire to give

But those that seek their own
Shall fail to see
The love I have for thee

I gave you a choice
And a voice
To think and say
Day by day
And to choose your way

But I tell you the truth
There are only two ways to go
Or didn’t you know?

One way is with Me
For eternity
With joy and bliss
You don’t want to miss

A place to see
And be
If you ask Me

A place where every need is met
And every desire kept
A place of glory
And wonder

But there’s another place too
And it’s not for you
You don’t want to go there
Or find yourself in that way

The way is hard
It was never meant for man
To go to this place
And face

But if you will not come to Me
And choose to live and see
You will come to this place
Full of disgrace
Misery and heartache
A prison with no exits
In a place to be forgotten in Me
That I will never see
Or visit or go

For there is no way out
So don’t think it bliss
Or remiss
To go
For it shall not be so

But in your worst nightmare
And fear
It is merely
A glimpse of the magnitude
Of this place

So don’t go
You have a choice
You have a voice
It’s your call

And all will know
The choice you make
And there will be no excuse
In that Day
When I send you that way

Because you had a choice
And I gave you a voice
It’s by your words
You’ll be justified
And by your words
You will be condemned

For in that Day
There’ll be nothing to say
For you will see
That you forsook Me

For don’t break My heart
And go to this place
For I plead with you
And say today,
“Go the other way!”

Go the way that leads to life
The way free from strife
The way free from sin
And every abomination within

Come to Me
And I’ll give you a new heart
And a fresh start
And I’ll show you
How to walk in My way
And teach you day by day

And if you’ll look to Me
I’ll give you a new choice
And give you a new voice
Then you, too
Can live anew

But give Me your all
And fail to fall

Give Me your all
And answer the call

Give Me your all
And don’t stall

Do it today
It’s the only way
That leads to life

Apart from Me
You can do nothing

Apart form Me
You will die on the vine
Before your time

And you’ll fail to understand
The purpose of your hand
You’ll fail to understand
My heart too

So open your eyes
And look to Me anew

For I am the same
Yesterday, today and forever
And My story is one and the same
For that which I’ve proclaimed
Shall stand

Learn what it means
To be righteous and true
Learn what it means
The love I bear for you

Remember I bore the stain
And the pain
So you could have eternal life
And be free from strife

I went to the Cross
So your life would not be lost
I want to the Cross
To pay for your crimes

But you’ll only be set free
When you call out to Me

For I AM Lord of All
So seek to understand
What that means

For I did not desire
But one thing from thee
And that is to partake of life
And share love

For if you call Me Lord
You’ll never be bored

For if you call Me Lord
You’ll miss the sword

For if you call Me Lord
You’ll see that I can be
A Captain to thee

And cover you
With My wings
Like an eagle
Would cover its young

For I AM Lord
Simply because I AM

So come to Me
And begin to see
There is more to Me
Than the lies
You’ve been told
And the falsehoods
You’ve been sold

There’s more to Me
Than you know
But until you come to Me
You’ll never grow
Or live
Or see good days

But you life will be nothing
But a maze
And a daze
Full of haze

So come out
Be separate
Be holy unto Me

Be My special one
For you are not like another
And I desire to cover
You with My love

And share My kingdom
From above
And My glory as I give it

But don’t be like the evil one
That desired to take
What was not given

He desired My glory
In his days
But in the end
His ways were found evil

For if there is one
That you should shun
It is him

For he is the true thief
And the liar
And he is going to the fire
And all he says is mire

So do not desire his ways
Or you’ll find yourself
In the same place
Nothing but a waste

For I know these words
Are heavy to bear
And to some
They don’t seem fair

But I assure you
they are true
And I AM fair and good
And I don’t wear a hood
But I declare openly
The truth to you

But as I said
The choice is yours
And I gave you a voice

So declare whose you’ll be
And if you’ll be Mine
You’ll shine for all time
And be bright as light

And I’ll teach you what’s right
And I’ll love you
Throughout the Eternal Day

And you’ll come to see
What love was truly meant to be
For love starts in one place
And that’s the truth

So come to Me and see
What I’ll do for thee

Come to Me and see
What life was meant to be

Come to Me and see
That which is to be

The choice is yours

Time will only tell
How deep the well
Of My love truly is

For its depths
Cannot be plummeted
So dive in
And learn to swim

Seek Me and be free
Give Me glory
And you’ll have a story
For all time

But don’t be late
See the signs of the times
And know the hour is short

So go your way today
And don’t think to say.
“These words are a cliché”

For they are straight
From My throne
To your own

Hear them well
For I do not sell
A bag of tricks

So let it be
The choice is yours

Thus says the Lord of the Heart. 
July 25, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by Linda I. Lee



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