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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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How To Be Truly Free

How can you be free
From all that would
Encumber thee?

How can you see
What was truly
Meant to be?

And what would be
Your point of reference
To know which way to go?

Is there a sign?
Or a place?
Or time?

For all that would
Desire to be free
There is but one way
And that is
To listen to Me

If you reject
My words
And you reject
My book, too

All that you would
Desire to see
Will forsake thee

But I say,
Desire to know Me
And desire to be free

For I do see
The web
That entangles thee

And like a prey
Caught in the web
You got there
By way of your head

For you did not
Stop to pray
And say,
“Lord what is the way?”

But if you had asked Me
I would have shown you
The way to go

So that you
Would have known
The things I freely give

And I have much
That I would like to give
To those that would seek
To follow Me

But first you must
To hide
Yourself in Me

It is only then
That you’ll begin to see
What it truly means
To be free

You can be free as a bird
Flying through the air
And from that vantage
You’ll be able to stare

Down at the things below
And see
The way to go

It’s not by power
Nor by might
But it’s by
My wisdom
And My sight

But I must warn you
There will be a fight
For there is an enemy
Of your soul
Or did you not know?

He will destroy
And employ his tactics
To find your weakness
And a place
To bring you to disgrace

For he would have you 
And full of shame
And then give you
The blame

But let Me tell you
His name
It was once Lucifer
And he was anointed
by Me

But now he’s the destroyer
Who comes to see
And find
Every place and space
That he can use to undermine
Your race

But I can empower you
To put him on the run
And I can show you how
To face him now
And chase him away
Day by day

But you will not know 
Or come to find
The peace of mind
That so many seek

Until you reckon
With the fact
That you are weak
Without Me 

You are weak
And unable to stand
Against this enemy
And his hand

If you won’t listen to Me
He will surely
Devour you
In the place
Where you stand

But it’s not all bleak
To be weak
If you’ll look to Me
You will soon see 

That My strength
Is made perfect
In your weakness

But there’s more to know
So listen closely and hear
What the Spirit is saying 

To the churches
And to all
That would read this letter

If you would desire to be free
You must also learn
What it means
To be humble

Through humility
And a submissive heart
I can lift you up
And set you apart

But if you are not willing
To submit your heart to Me
I tell you the truth
You’ll never be free

For I am not a tyrant
Nor a dictator at heart
But I am the Creator
That made you from the start
Like a piece of art

And I do know
What causes you
To grow
And what causes you
To bear fruit

And I do know
Your frame
Just the same

So if you would not be willing
To submit to Me
You’ll never understand 

My wisdom or My heart
Though I desire to impart
My truth to you

For I have set an order
To all things
And through and by this order
I have set many borders
And these borders
Cannot be breached

But what can I say
or teach?
That would help you to see
What I am trying to say
To thee?

For if you do not understand
You will be like the sand
Driven by the wind
And tossed to and fro

So then what should I say
To help you today?

For all have seen
a bird fly
Free in the sky

Yet it took man
Many a day
To pry open and see
The mystery
Of flight

But as many know
It is not a mystery
As some had thought
It to be

But in fact,
It is based on laws
That I have ordered
As you’ll see

So if you would
Desire to fly
High In the sky
Like a bird
Riding the wind

Then you, too
Must come to understand
The laws that govern
Flight and man

Though it looks easy
And is clearly seen
The laws themselves
Are set by mean

Just as a bird would fly
High in the sky
I too, can teach you
How to fly

On eagles wings
High above
The storms of life
Riding the wind
Without strife

But before you’ll be
Able to fly
You must discover why

Like a helicopter
In the sky
You can hear it flying by

But many do not know
The why
Or the how
But let Me show you now

For in the spirit
It is the same
For those that would like to soar
Over the obstacles in life

They must also learn
The laws
Of the Spirit of Life
In Me,
Jesus, the Christ

For no one today
Would attempt to fly
Not knowing how
Or why

For just as fast
As the plane
Can go up
It can come down, too

But it’s only knowledge
And experience
That will save you

So walking by My Spirit
Is the same
It is understanding
My ways

And the laws
That I‘ve established
Before you’ll experience
All that can be lavished

There are no shortcuts here
But you must begin to steer
Near to Me

Accept My word
And walk in My ways
Or you’ll find yourself
In a daze 
And a haze
Then in a blaze

But you could fly 
In a daze
Or a haze
When you have instruments
That will help show the way

So it is with My word
When it is heard
And received
And meditated on

It will be all the guidance
You need
It will not fail
To point the way

And help you
To safely land
Even in a daze
Or a haze

So understand this
And realize it, too
There are no shortcuts
For anyone
Including you

For even if a man
Would learn to fly
He must go to school
To learn the how
And the why

Or else he’ll die
And kill others, too
Because he didn’t know
What the heck to do

So it is in the spirit
What you don’t know
Will become your undoing

And your foe
Will exploit you
And he’ll be 
Your undoing, too

So don’t say to Me
In that Day
That I did not tell you
The proper way

To walk with Me
To talk with Me
Starts day by day
By coming to know
And learning My ways

If you think
That somehow
You’re above the rest

Then think again
Before you find yourself
In a test

For the enemy
Will not relent
Because he is bent
On your destruction

And until he is put away
He’ll be there
Day by day

Attempting to distort
My Word
And My way

But he is weak
And under your feet
If you’ll submit to Me

But if you will not hear
You will find
He is an unruly master
Bent on your disaster

Full of fear
He’ll try to steer
Your plane
Into the ground

So if you wish
To finish your race
Then give him no place
And follow Me

Begin to look to Me
And I’ll give you
All the authority
You’ll ever need

For as My return
Draws near
The turbulence and storms
Will become
More and more fierce

So don’t be a fool
And learn to rule
Otherwise you will find
A cruel enemy
For a master

And great will be
The disaster you’ll see
And that without remedy

So begin today
To look to Me
In every way

Pick up My book
And read what it took
For Me to save your soul

Learn My ways
And you’ll begin to gaze
And see how to be free

And how to fly
High in the sky
And come to know
Exactly why

But life on earth is short
And time is running out
So begin to prepare today
And don’t stay away

Come to Me
All that labor
And are heavy laden
And I will give you rest

And I’ll open My treasure chest
And give you a blessing
And a new dressing
And a new heart
And a new start 

So enter my rest, Jesus 
June 20, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                    - Recorded by Linda I. Lee



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