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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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A Great New Story

I AM beginning to move
In an unusual way
Many in My body
May wonder what to say

They may not understand
The moving of My hand
Or the way
In which My Spirit would go

But I would say,
There are many things
I would say
To My church

And to as many as would
Hear My voice
And believe the things
That I would say
Through this man today 

For I proclaim
I have a great new story
And I have many a thing
I desire to reveal
To as many as would be still 

And spend time with Me
And come to Me and ask
What I would reveal
And ask about the task
I would have them to do 

For many fail to see
The glory
I’ve put in thee 

Many fail to see
The glory in thee is bright
And full of My might 

But you must allow
It to grow
And mature 

And you must learn
What it means
To tap into that power
In this hour 

For you must begin to see
That there’s a lot more to you
Than meets the eye 

For what you see
On the outside
Is but a shell 

But inside
All those
That have cried
Out to Me

And called Me Lord
I’ve put within their mouth
A great sword 

And I’ve put within their heart
A burning fire
That is just like the one
Inside of Me 

And inside your heart
Is everything you need
To be set apart to Me 

Inside your heart is every weapon
You need
Inside your heart is every provision
You need
And inside your heart
Is the place to start 

But you must spend time
And commune with Me
And even commune
With your own heart
To see
What I’ve put inside
Of thee 

For if you will not commune
With yourself
And prepare
And look to Me 

And seek Me
And hear what I would say
You’ll not understand
If I may
Come your way
And I desire
To come your way 

But you say,
“Why haven’t you come
My way before?” 

And I say,
“Because you haven’t
Opened the door.” 

But if you will open the door
To your heart
Then I will come in 

And there are many
Who have called Me Lord
And who’ve even
Opened the door 

But once the door
Was opened
They shut it 

So I say,
Open your heart to Me again

Allow Me to come in
And let Me begin
To extend My hand to you 

And take My hand
And come with Me
And begin to see
The things I have in store 

For I AM raising up
My body in this hour
And I AM filling it
With power 

Yes, this is the day
Of miracles
This is the day
And the hour 

That great miracles
Will be seen
And they will almost seem
Like commonplace 

But only those
That seek My face
And come to the secret place
To hear from Me 

They’re the only ones
Who will experience this power
Everyone else will just see this shower 

Because this is the time
Of the former
And the latter rain 

And there is a great, great flood
A flood is coming
Full of My power
In this hour 

And you can partake
And you can see
This glory
And you can take
Your part 

And don’t look
To this minister
Or that minister
Or this pastor
Or that prophet
Or this evangelist 

You look into
Your own heart
And see the glory
I’ve put in you
And set apart 

For there’s a glory in you
That’s not like any other
There is a glory in you
That you must discover 

And until you discover
Don’t bother
Looking at another 

Because if you look at them
Then you won’t see
What I’ve put in thee 

And you won’t realize
The prize that’s inside 

But learn to discover
What I’ve put in you 

Find the prize
Come look into My eyes
By faith 

Come and see
What I have in store
And then be willing
To open the door
Of your heart 

And when I would show
You to go
Then hear what I would say
In that day 

For I will ask you to go 

I will ask you to go
To your neighbors
And to your friends 

And if you find it too hard
To speak to another
Then I suggest
You come discover
My ways 

Come discover from others
Who’ve learned to go
And speak to another
And they will help you 

But be willing to go
Be willing to hear
What I would say 

And when I would show
You to go –
Go this way
And go that way 

And look into your heart
And make sure you keep
Your focus on Me
In that hour
And see what I would say 

For I may lead you
To lay hands on the sick
Or I may lead you
In some other way
Or to cast a devil in that day 

But I will not lead you
If you don’t know My word
And I will not lead you
If you don’t know Me 

So don’t think I’ve sent you
If you have not come to Me
And given yourself wholly to Me 

And even if you have come to Me
And your heart is right
Make sure you learn what I said 

Or you will not be able
To go in that day
Because you‘ll not be prepared
To go that way 

For this way is not
For the faint
Or for the young
Or for the babe 

But this way is for those
That would stay with Me
And grow and learn
And hear what I would say
So they can then
Go that way 

So hear what I would say, today
And know
This is the day and the hour
Of miracles and power 

This is the day and the hour
Of deliverance
This is the day and the hour
Of abundance
This is a day and the hour
Of provision 

And I want to give a vision
To My people to begin to see
That which I intend
To do through thee 

But you must come to Me
If you want to have vision 
To see 

For it’s not 
With your natural eye that you’ll see 
This vision 
But it’s in your heart 

So come… 

Come with Me
Set some time apart
And hear what I would say 

And believe
That I will speak to you
In that day 

And I will speak to you,
Says the Lord
I will come
And make myself known 

You simply make time at home 
Hang up the phone
Shut off the TV
And come seek Me 

Hear what I would say
When I come your way
For I AM
Willing to come 

But are you willing
To make yourself
Available to Me? 

If you’re not
Then you’re not worthy
To hear what I would say
In that day 

But you make the choice
To hear My voice
And if you’re hungry
To know Me 

Then come and see
What I would say
In that day 

So says the Lord of the church, Jesus, the Christ 

October 21, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                          - Recorded by William A. Lee
                          - Edited by Linda I. Lee



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