William & Linda Lee

Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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For I Will Reign

For I am He
That took your pain
For I did bear the stain
Of all your sin
It was My back
That was torn
And I took your scorn
And wore the crown of thorns
I wore the thorns
Upon My brow
For My head did ache
And My heart did, too
But it was because
Of the love
I bore for you!
I gave My all
So you could stand tall
And be free from sin
And the guilt within
Labor to enter into My rest
And I will give you
My treasure chest
For in it you will find
Promises of every kind
By My Spirit I’m calling out
To as many as will hear
And saying with a shout,
“Come draw near!”
For My blessings
Are with Me
And soon you will see
All the plans I have
For your Jubilee
And in time
You will find
The peace of mind
That you seek
But don’t be weak
Be bold and strong
And do no wrong
For My ways are peace
And joy
Mercy and grace
Honor and truth
And if you, too
Will adopt My ways
Open My Word
And start to gaze
You will begin to see
All that I have in store
For thee
For I have more in store
Than you could know
For who has known
The mind of the Spirit?
For it is written in My book:
“Eye has not seen nor ear heard
Neither has it entered
Into the heart of man
The things I have prepared
For those that love Me.”
But today I begin
To pull back the veil
For I want you to see
Some of what
I have in store for thee
For I know many ponder
And wonder
In their heart to see
What would it be like
Here with Me
For eternity?
For men have desired to know
And in this hour I will show
And help you know
What’s in store and more
For those that draw near
And will follow Me
Soon you’ll hear the call
Of the trump
Saying, “Rise and come up
And be with Me!”
Then you’ll be escorted to see
The banquet that I’ve prepared
For all that have followed
And loved Me
For it will be grand
And it will be great
So trim your lamp
And don’t be late!
The angels will serve
A great store of hor’deurves
For there will be many treats
And blessed fun
For everyone
For My party
Shall be grand
And it shall stand
For all time
Blessed are they
That are called
To this banquet
To enjoy its fruit
And hear the flute
For there will be dancing
And joy unspeakable
And full of glory!
But now the story
So let’s move on
So you can see
What else I have in store for thee
For all that come and dine
Will in kind
Return with Me
To reign
In true victory
But first the Judgment Seat
Must come
For in that hour
I will shower
My rewards upon men
Those that stood and fought
The enemy day by day
Those that walked the walk
As I showed them the way
Those that gave
Their lives to be
A sweet offering to Me
For they are the ones
That will come to see
The true meaning
Of honor and glory
So all that truly
Called Me Lord
Must come and stand
Before My righteous hand
And give an accounting
To Me
Before My Judgment Seat
To receive that which is meet
For all will receive
And find
Their reward in kind
Those who accepted My call
And gave Me their all
And did not stall
But hastened to do My work
For in that hour
All will come to Me
And receive
Their glory
And their crown
And their new gown
For every man’s works
And every desire
Shall be tried
And revealed by fire
And they will receive their hire
Only that which remains
That was done in My name
Shall proclaim their glory
And tell their story
In the same hour
By My grace
And by My power
They shall receive
Their reward from Me
Blessed are they
That will have the honor to say,
“I received a crown.”
For these crowns
Shall not be
Like any that you see
Upon the earth
For these crowns
Shall match the gowns
And declare their glory
And tell their story
For all will see
What remained
And pertained
To life and godliness
For with each crown
A trumpet shall sound
To all around
For the one to whom it is given
Will wear his crown
With grace and glory
That will be a never-ending story
And all that receive a crown
And their new gown
Will shout for joy
In that day
And will say,
“Blessed is He
That set Me Free!”
For all will see
How dear you were to Me
And all will know
The honor I bestow
After all the rewards
Have been passed out
The last trump
Shall sound
For then all will mount up
On horses
And return with Me
To the earth
Where we will
Make a stand
For the Promised Land
And then set up
My kingdom on earth
Where I will reign over man
And though I rule
With an iron hand
We will serve
Our fellow man
And help him to stand
And come to see
What life was meant to be
And in that Day
I shall wear the crown
In the town
That put Me on the cross
And thought Me to be dross
But all will see
That I AM He
The only One
That can set you free
For this age in time
Will be great
Full of peace
And great joy
For all that live
To see those days
There will be
But one phrase
On their lips
And one song in their heart
That sets them apart
In that hour
For they will say,
“Blessed is the day
When he took the curse away
And healed our land
And caused us to stand!”
For they will sing,
 “Blessed is the King!
Blessed is He
That does reign
Over Me!
Blessed is He
That gave Himself for Me!
Blessed is He, 
Blessed is He!”
For a thousand years
We shall reign
And disciple others
To do the same
For the knowledge of Me
And My glory
Shall cover the earth
As the waters fill the seas
All shall know Me
From the least
To the greatest
Then this season
Will come to an end
Then there will start an hour
When the Evil One
Will once again devour
And scour the earth
And tempt with mirth
All those that remain
So I may give the choice
To those who would listen
To My voice 
To follow Me
For this will not last long
But after that hour
Shall My power
Be known to all
Great and small
For then the Great White Throne
Judgment will begin
Where all sin
Will be judged
And be put to an end
There all the unrighteous dead
Will take the stand
At My left hand
And all the dead
Will give an account
For their life
And all the strife
And all the sin
That burned deep within
Their heart
Blessed are they
That have no part
In this hour
Or this judgment
But those that have known Me
And received Me to themselves
Will not see
Or partake in this hour
Because it will be sour
But all the dead
Must be judged
And they must receive
Their reward
Upon their own head
It shall be
Because they made their bed
And refused to take their stead
With Me
All those that would NOT
Call Me Lord
And used the sword
And made a lie
In the end shall cry
For there shall be
And gnashing of teeth
All those who despised
My ways
And would not hear
Who hated the truth
And were ruthless
To their fellow man
And destroyed the earth
And did not care to bear
The burdens of another
Or to cover
Another’s nakedness
All will be found guilty
And every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess
That I, Jesus, AM Lord
To the glory of My Father
For no sin shall be hid
And no deed done
That will not come
Before the light of the Son
For the light shall declare all
And though I care
I will and must still
Sentence them there
And send them away
To the everlasting fire
To help cure their desire
To do wickedness
But to those that have looked to Me
And walked in the light
They shall be bright
Like the Son
They shall be Mine
Dressed in fine linen
A splendor to see!
And after these days
When the Judgment is complete
The heavens shall open
And My Father’s seat
And throne
Shall be shown
Bright as light
For there’ll be
No more night
For those who
Have followed Me
They’ll come to see
This great place
I have prepared
For those that love Me
For at My Word
Fire shall go forth
And remake the earth anew
I will restore all things
Back to the way
They were meant to be
Before the day of sin
Cleansed and made whole
For by My Spirit
I declare it so
For the earth
Will once again
Be right
And a delight
And the strength and might
Of all the nations
Will come back to it
In that day
All on Earth
Will that walk in light
And love what is right
And it will once again
Be Paradise
And be free
From the curse of sin
Then the New Jerusalem
Shall come forth
And the light of it
Shall fill the earth
It will be more than nice
It will be a city without vice
The city from above
Filled with the eternal Love
Of My Father
And all that do honor Me
And this city
Shall be like no other
For I will uncover
And show it to you
For its walls are grand
And high
Beyond the sky
It has four sides
And its gates are wide
All made of pearl
For its foundations
Are strong and sure
Pure and undefiled
For this place
Is precious to Me
As you will soon see
As you walk down its street
You will meet and greet
The apostles and prophets
And all those that came before
You’ll go up to their door
They’ll invite you in
And with a grin
They will say,
“Good day!”
All those that enter in
Shall bring their glory
With them
For in this city
You will find
The glory of the nations
Shall shine
Throughout time
The streets are like no other
And the trees
And the flowers cover
Every yard you discover
For you will find in time
That there is a street
That will take you deep
Into the heart of the city
Where all meet
There you will find the throne
And the seat of My Father
The blessedness of His temple
Fills the city with His glory
For I invite you to come
And discover
What awaits you here
For when you arrive
You will also see
The house that I have
Prepared for thee
For there are many mansions here
And each will have his own
And be shown
By Me personally
What was in My heart
To set apart
And give to you
For it shall be sweet
And replete
Full of glory
And it will meet
Every expectation
You could ever have
For you will not be disappointed
When you see
What I have laid up
In store for thee
For this city shall not hide
The glory of My presence inside
But it shall shine like the sun
And give life to everyone
It will give life
To the hungry
And to all that thirst
For as you travel through the city
You will find
My grace throughout all time
Through the ages gone
And the ages yet to come
You will see everyone
That called on My Name
And looked to the Truth
Just the same
For there will only be joy
In this place
For there will be no suffering
Or disgrace
All will see My face
And know My embrace
And My Father’s too
And all the love
We have for you
And all that come
They will see
The River of Life
Flowing free
And the Tree of Life
Will be there too
And all its fruit
Will be for you
You will enjoy its bounty
And its grace
Month by month
You’ll enjoy its taste
And its leaves
Are for the healing
Of the nations
For all this and more
Have I laid up in store
But remember
I AM the Door
And none shall come
Into this city
Except by Me
Because I do hold the key
Unless you call out to Me
You will never come to see
The beauty of this place
Or know the grace
In My face
If you fail to come to Me
All you will see
For eternity
Is nothing short of misery
For I made room
For everyone
Who would truly answer
The call to come
For in time
I’ll make all things new
I’ll take away every stain
Every pain
And you will gain
Life eternal
Here with Me
Here in this wonderful city
The New Jerusalem
For by My Spirit
I do proclaim
The glory of this place
To all that will
Finish their race
Saying, blessed are they
That are bidden to come
To live in the New Jerusalem
To become one with Me
To live and see
All that is in this great city
To come into this place
To behold My face
For theirs is the kingdom
For time will be
No more
But life will go on
And the things
I have in My heart
Yet to do
In the ages to come
I will show them all to you
And you will soon see
In those days
The fullness of My purposes
And My ways
And you’ll see from the start
What I had in My heart
When I created man
Blessed are they
That read this letter
And all
That would take a stand
At My right hand
And enjoy the peace
And release
Found in Me
And all the blessings
That are yet to come
So do not despise the day
Or the way
You find yourself in
But lift up your chin
And look to Me
For I am coming
To receive
You unto Myself
That where I AM
There you may be also
Hear what the Spirit
Is saying
To the church
And to all that would come
So says the King of kings, the Holy One
June 3, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
         – Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee


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