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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Be Like A Tree

Come to Me
And be like a tree
I will help you to bear good fruit
And I’ll give you strong roots

When you spend time
With Me
You will begin to see
That I will water thee

You will bring forth fruit
Day by day
As I show you the way to go
And how to grow

I will show you how
To come in
And how to go out
With joy and a shout

And you will win every bout
That comes your way
But only if you stay
In the place
Of My grace
And run your race

For when you come to Me
I will plant
My seed
Deep within your heart

And I will give you
A new peace
And a new lease
On life
Free from strife
And sin within

Every day that you come
My way
I will bring you to a new place
Of victory
In My grace and glory

Day by day you will see
The story
And come to understand
The glory
I have in store
And much more

So open the door
Of your heart
And let Me give you
A new start

And let Me become a part
Of your everyday life
For when you look to Me
And invite Me
Onto the scene

You will become clean
And I will make your life
Like an evergreen

Your life will smell like a pine
And you’ll be fresh all the time
But only if you will find
The time to spend with Me

Don’t be like the fool
That must have a fire
To kindle his desire

If you insist on going it alone
You will be like a wild tree
And in a time of fire
All that you desired
In life will turn sour
And everything will be devoured

You brought nothing
Into this life
And you will go out
The same
So keep the dead needles away
From your base

For that is the place
Where the fire will erase
And bring to ashes
All your stashes

Keep your mind
On the things above
And reach for the sky
And you’ll understand
The big, “Why?”

And when the birds come
And perch on your limbs
Do not listen to the sins
That are whispered in the wind

For the evil one
Will come
With his temptations
And more
All to try to settle a score

For if you listen to his lies
You are not wise
And you will only come to despise
The truth and My ways

For he will never lead
You to praise
Or to take a stand
And raise your hands to Me

But he will only seek
To compel
You to sell
Your soul to him
And to the ways of sin

And you will cease
To bear fruit
And the axe
Will be put to your root

And when you fall
Then you will reap all
From a life of disgrace
And you will fail
To win your race

But keep in mind
That I want you
To be Mine

You’re special to Me
And I want you to see
That I have a place
For you in My grace

But you must come
And take your stand
At My right hand

So be like a tree of life
And forsake strife
Bring Me on the scene
And become an evergreen

I can help you
Be as strong as an oak
And that’s no joke

Come to Me
And I will water thee
Come today
And do not be swayed

For winds will come
And winds will go
And if you allow them
They will blow you by force
Off course

But only when you look to Me
Will you know where to go
And where to stay planted

So when the winds
Begin to sway
You will be strong
With might
And know what is wrong
And know what is right

And I will put a new song
In your heart
That others will hear
When they draw near

Like a breeze in the trees
It will be tranquil
To all these

So make time
And be Mine
Don’t be swayed
By the ways
Of this world

All life is a gift from Me
And when you see
That I only desire
To do you good
Then you will have understood
What I mean when I say

I only desire to be a blessing
And give you a new dressing
And a crown
For I Am not messing around

So come and be Mine today!

So says, Jesus, the Righteous Tree

July 31, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                   - Recorded by William A. Lee



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