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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Prophecies Given by
William A. Lee 
and Linda Lee
Blow the Trumpet in Zion

What is prophecy and how does the Bible define it?

A special note from William Lee about these prophecies.

  Prophecy Title Date Media
 A Call and a Plea to Glory 04/17/07 N/A
 Birds of a Feather 05/20/07 N/A
 The Hour of My Power and Revelation 05/21/07 N/A
 A Call to Service 05/23/07 N/A
 Present Yourself a Living Sacrifice 05/24/07 N/A
 Purchase from Me 05/24/07 N/A
 Set Aside Your Heart for Me 05/24/07 N/A
 Set Your Heart to See 05/25/07 N/A
 My Power and Might 05/26/07 N/A
 From Root to Fruit 05/26/07 N/A
 Set Your Heart on Me 05/26/07 N/A
 Find the Time 05/26/07 N/A
 Begin to Receive 05/26/07 N/A
 Honor My Ways 05/28/07 N/A
 For I Will Reign 06/03/07 N/A
 For a New Day has Come 06/16/07 N/A
 How to be Truly Free 06/20/07 N/A
 The Good Test 06/20/07 N/A
 The Signs of the Times 06/29/07 N/A
 Would you Take a Walk with Me? 07/01/07 N/A
 Who Would Know My Mind? 07/24/07 N/A
 I've Given you the Choice 07/25/07 N/A
 See Far into Eternity 07/25/07 N/A
 Time is Running Out 07/27/07 N/A
 Take Flight Before it's Night 07/28/07 N/A
 Be Like a Tree 07/31/07 N/A
 Make a Special Place 08/02/07 N/A
 Draw Near and Hear 08/03/07 N/A
 Religion is a Thief 08/04/07 N/A
 For I Will Proclaim Why 08/05/07 N/A
 The Free Way 08/06/07 N/A
 Come and be One 08/07/07 N/A
 Time Will Tell 08/08/07 N/A
 Rejoice, I've Given you the Choice 09/06/07 N/A
 The Glory and the Story in a Tree 09/07/07 N/A
 For I Hung on a Tree 09/07/07 N/A
 A Seed to Meet Every Need 09/08/07 N/A
 Divide Jerusalem Talks 09/08/07 N/A
 A Blessing to All 09/18/07 N/A
 I Anoint and I Appoint 10/06/07 N/A
 Blessings to Be 10/10/07 N/A
 Only Seek the Truth 10/12/07 N/A
 A Place Called Space 10/16/07 N/A
 Gold in the Rock 10/16/07 N/A
 Battle Cry 10/20/07 N/A
 A Great New Story 10/21/07 N/A
 To Hell and Back 10/31/07 N/A
 Like the Boat on the Water 05/01/09 N/A
 Blessings are Coming in a Mighty Way 12/02/09 N/A
 Comfort My People 01/02/10 N/A

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Knowing God Personally

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Honor, Love And Glory

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Birds Of A Feather
Birds Of A Feather

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