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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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A Word from Linda...

Matthew 24:6

"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."  (NKJV)

Safety in Troubled Times

by Linda Lee

We need only turn on the evening news broadcast to see the evidence of this troubled world in which we live: earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, robberies, murders, starving men, women and children. We are inundated with pictures of destruction from terrorist bombs blowing up buses or buildings, killing and maiming people, destroying lives. Our schools have become war zones. Parents are afraid to take their children to school and day care centers. Fear is rampant everywhere. As I write this, our nation has been living under the threat of impending war and the constant threat of terrorist attacks against our people and our homeland. 

We live in a troubled world but Jesus has the answers for all our needs. Jesus said there would be times like this just before His coming again, "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet." (Matthew 24:6 NKJ) 

Is there anyplace safe anymore?

God promises us deliverance from traps, deadly diseases and viruses, protection and refuge in His presence. We need not be afraid of terror - night or day, nor destruction and sudden death that come as a surprise. We are told that a thousand may fall at our side, ten thousand beside us, but it shall not come near us. We will be mere spectators as we witness evil events. This sounds almost like a description of those horrible events perpetrated by those infamous terrorist attacks of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

When you read Psalm 91, you will find however, that the rich promises of this whole chapter are dependent upon meeting exactly the conditions of the first two verses (see Exodus 15:26).

Psalm 91:1-2

1 HE WHO dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].
2 I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!

- Amplified Bible 

Yes. We are safe in our Father's arms. The Bible says, "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." (Ps 91:1 NKJ) No matter what we face in our personal circumstances, we can remain stable under the protection of our Mighty God. There is no power, no enemy able to stand against the power of our God. Read all of Psalm 91, especially in the Amplified version of the Bible. We can take great comfort in these promises made by God. 

But notice that in verse two, we have a part. We are to speak out and say that God is our refuge and place of safety (a fortress), the One in whom we place our trust. The promise belongs to the one who leans completely on the Lord.

Peace and safety

Now, how do we trust God enough to protect us before we get blindsided by our enemy, Satan? By abiding in Him. No matter how busy our schedules, we MUST spend time alone with God! Rise early and seek the Lord before rushing into the day. David wrote, "O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land." (Psalm 63:1 NKJ)

I cannot imagine going into the day without first coming into God's presence, reading His Word, and having fellowship with Him. For me, it would be like going outside without wearing any clothes, totally exposed. Read the Word, pray the Word, and speak the Word. MAKE TIME for God. Even if you can only find 15 minutes, do it! God will meet you there. If you only have a few minutes alone with Jesus, tell Him that you love Him and need Him. You are showing your complete dependence on Him for whatever comes that day. When you read your Bible, you are fellowshipping with Jesus because He is the Living Word.

No general would send his soldiers off to war without first equipping them for battle. When we read the Word, pray the Word, speak the Word we are arming ourselves for battle. But even more importantly, as we draw near to God daily, growing in our knowledge of Him, His mercy, love and kindness - we are abiding with Him. We are positioning ourselves to be recipients of His promises of safety and protection. We can know intimacy with God, which satisfies our soul and spirit like nothing in this world. And God promises that He will never forsake us, never leave us, hear our calls for help and answer us, be with us in trouble and deliver us and honor us!

Psalm 91:14-16

14 Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he knows and understands My name [has a personal knowledge of My mercy, love, and kindness--trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never forsake him, no, never].
15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.

- Amplified Bible

I believe that when we give God our time and attention early in the day (or whenever we can) God will stretch the remaining hours of our day, helping us to accomplish far more than we could have done in our own strength. And we will enjoy a continued sense of God's direction and protection in our lives. Abide in Him!


-Walking in God's grace and favor


Living Life One Day at a Time- "So don't be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time. Matt 6:34 (TLB) 


Source: Daily Manna by Linda I. Lee.
Permission granted by Lighthouse Publications


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