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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Would you Take a Walk with Me?

Come and spend time with Me
And you’ll begin to see
What it’s like to walk
in true victory

The victory is mine
I took it at the cross
So you could walk anew with Me
And experience life without loss

Some would desire to know
What moves Me so
And many would think in their heart
To ask, “Why I would set My life apart
And die in your place?”

But in order to understand that question
You need to take a suggestion from Me
Then you’ll begin to understand

For My suggestion is this:
What would you give in exchange
For that which you count most dear?

What would you give in exchange
For your own soul
If it would make you new and whole?

For if your own life is not dear to you
And you haven’t tabulated the cost
Or considered your worth

Then how could you possibly know
How I could love you so?
And how could you possibly see
All you really mean to Me?

For I created man
By My own hand
Then I breathed into him the breath of life

And though this is true
Even if you already knew
There is much more to say

For man was not a second thought
In the back of My mind
From eternity past
Until the very day
That I made man from the clay

I had a plan for man
That was the fulfillment of My heart
A desire to start
A family of My own

For though I be Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
It was always in My heart
To share all the creation of My hand
With man

But stop for a moment and think
What is man?
That he should stand
At My right hand?

What is man
That I would come
and personally die in his place?

So he could be free
And would choose to be
with Me?

For as it is written in My book:
“What is man
That thou are mindful of him?
And the son of man
That you should visit him?”

“For you made him a little lower
Than the angels
And crowned him with glory and honor”

“And made him to have dominion
Over the works of thy hands
And you put all things under his feet"

For again, I say to you,
Who is man?
And who are you?
If you do not know
Let Me show you the truth

And hear My words
And let them sink
Into the depth of your heart
And if you’ll receive them
They’ll set you apart

For as with everything that I create
I make everything to be one of a kind
For all time

And when I created man
I breathed My life
Into him

But I say
To you this day
That it was more
Than just a breathe

And the life that was given
Came from the depth
Of My heart

I gave away
A piece of Myself
That day

I took man out of Me
So now I hope you can see
You’re just like Me

For many fear to think
They could be like Me
But if you don’t believe it
Then you’ll fail to see
Who you are

And for those that would think
That what I say
Is blasphemous
And you choose to look the other way

You will not come to know
How much love
I truly bear for you

For when did I say
To any angel
“Sit at My right hand?”

For angels are of an order of another kind
And though they serve Me
And those I love
They are not above a man

So many say,
“What about the verse
Written in Your book?

Did you not proclaim
Man to be made
A little lower than the angels?”

But for all that would
Ask that question
Again, I have another suggestion:

Read it once again, another time
But read it in the original tongue
And realize that it was actually sung
About Me
And how I made thee
Like unto Me

So come and see
What it really means to be
Like Me

For if you would desire to walk with Me
And talk with Me
Then this, too, you must come to see

Or you’ll fail to understand
How precious you are to Me
And you’ll fail to see
All that you can be

For the time is now at hand
And the hour has come
When I’m revealing to man
How to take a stand

I want to teach you how to stand
In the proper place
It’s a place prepared for you
by My grace

It’s a place found in Me
The One that died
to set you free

It’s a place near My heart
It’s the place I want you to start
So take time and begin to meditate
And think about your state

Then you’ll begin to see
What it means to be free

Then you’ll begin to see
How dear you are to Me

Then you’ll begin to see
How to walk with Me

For yes, I AM He,
The Holy One of Old

But I want you to learn
To become bold
And come to Me

My door is open
And My heart is too
The only thing I’m waiting for
is you!

And like any good father
I desire you to be
Just like Me

For those of you
Who would think this saying to be hard
I say to you,
Think anew

Call upon Me
And see if I will not answer
And bear witness to the same
For I declare it by My Name

And for those that will embrace
My outstretched arms of grace
You will find
That I am loving and kind
And only desire to see
The best for thee

For I have things in mind
That shall yet unfold in time
And all men shall come to know
What I’m about to show

For look around and see
I created for thee

I started in the beginning
And there was a Big Bang
For I began to build
And work

Preparing for the day
and the hour
That I could shower
My gifts upon you

Do not think it too great a thought
That I would fling the stars in the heavens
And bring the universe into order

All to give you a place
Where My grace
Could be extended

For though many things
Came to be
Before the day
You came to see

All were done
To bring about
My mercy and grace
To give you a place

So that you could see
Just how far
My love would extend to thee

And though I took the earth
And hung it upon nothing
In the end,
It was so you could learn
About the love I have for thee

But eye has not seen
Nor ear heard
Nor has it entered into the heart of man
The things that I have prepared
For those that love Me

And soon you’ll see
If you desire to walk with Me
But I will yet pull back the veil

And give you a glimpse to see
Some of that which
I have in store for thee

For many have failed to see
What I truly intend
For you to be
But what I intend
Has no end

And for those that would live
And walk before Me
In righteousness and truth
Soon will see
The power invested in thee

For just as I created man
By My own hand
Soon those who know Me
Shall take their stand

And create by their hand
Places and things to see
Worlds yet to be

For what is man?
He is an extension
of My hand.

And My glory
And My story
Shall be seen
Through your eyes

The glory of those days
Shall only praise
For those who have looked to Me
Soon they’ll see

My glory arise in their hearts
And My power too
As I release you to do
The work that is yet to come

But how can you build?
And how can you work?
Until you first see
What’s in Me?

For the foundation must be sure
For no man
Who builds his house on the sand
Shall stand

But those who build their house
On the rock
Their house shall stand for all time
Just as mine

Understand and know this thing
For I am the Great Architect
Of all time

The Builder
And the Wielder of the Word
And the Sword of the Spirit

Yet those that follow Me
Will soon know what it’s like
To be Me

But those that build on the sand
And forsake My hand
And My love
Shall fail to see
Any grace
or peace
or release of any kind

For they shall not build on My foundation
And they will not come to see
What they were meant to be –
An extension of My hand

Lift up your eyes and see
Into the Spirit
And into Me
Begin to dream

Come and walk with Me
And soon you’ll see
The grace and the glory
I’ve hidden in thee

For I’m a builder
And a worker
And a giver of life

And those that come to be
With Me
Must be ready to do the same

For there will be rest
And peace too
For I made you to bear
My glory

And I can help you to see
Through My eyes
And show you things to be
And things I’ve sown in thee

That in time shall grow
And produce fruit
Like unto the root

For I am the root
Though you were not
In the beginning with Me

But in Me now you can come
And walk with Me
To the end

For soon time will be no more
And the greatest dreams
You’ve ever had in your heart
Are barely a glimpse
Of what I’m about to start

So don’t be afraid to dream
Or ponder in your heart
What is about to start

The end has not yet come
And if you will walk with Me today
Even at times when it seems to be gray

I’ll help you become the light in this hour
And I’ll help you become a flower
Full of fragrance and My grace

And others will know
And see
That you’re someone special to Me

But know for a fact
That I’m coming back
To receive you to Myself
And to bring you here with Me

But look around and see
All the other men around thee
And the women too
But look at them anew

And realize
That in their eyes
Is a spark of life from Me

That they, too
Like you
Bear My image

And not My image only
But all that I AM
Has been invested into each man

So now you know
Why I would count a soul
So precious to Me
Because each one bears a part of My glory

And if you’re a father or a mother
You know of what I speak
For I allowed you to see
What it would be like to be Me

And the love that you bear
For your children
When you look into their eyes
You see a piece of yourself
Looking back with wonder

Therefore, Go!
And tell the world so!
Let them hear
Why you are dear
to Me!

And let them know
So they too
Can come with you
To be in this place
Full of My grace

Realize one more thing, too
Because of the love
I bear for you

I gave you the choice
And the voice
To say, “Yes”
Or “No”

But it’s My love that gave you the choice
For there is but one true way to live
And if you were to live too
Then learn what I do
For there is no other way that be true

And if My ways seem grievous in your eyes
And you despise
All that love has done

Then there is no way
That you’ll ever be able to stay
With Me

But just as a gardener
Would trim dead leaves off a plant
And prune it back

So those that reject Me
Will be cut off
And only see
The fire

That will consume
their unholy desire
For every unholy desire
Is nothing but mire

So come and walk with Me
And you’ll begin to see
What life was truly meant to be

Not only in the here and now
But in the time to come
And in the eternal day

For you are precious to Me
And My Father, too
Invite us in
And we’ll sup with you

So says the Lord of Love, The Great I AM, Jesus, The God Man

July 01, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee 
                   – Recorded by Linda Lee



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