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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Who Would Know My Mind?

Who would know My mind
And trust Me in kind?
Who would find Me to be
A treasure to see?

Who would look
Into My heart and see
That I AM the place
To start?

For in your heart
I planted seed
And not a weed

A seed full of life
That will bring forth fruit
For it will shoot
From the root

And as it grows
It begins to show
Exactly what was in the seed
For its glory shall be seen

The glory of the seed
Is indeed
Found in the fruit
And it comes from the root

Just as a seed
Must first fall into the earth
And die before it can live

Even so,
Those that would know
My heart and mind
Must first find the time

To die to their ways
To see better days
They must die to themselves
And take up My cross

Many there be
That desire to follow Me

And many there be
That call Me Lord

And many there be
That do not know Me
Or My ways

But these are the days
Of My revelation
The days I AM revealing
My ways

And making straight the path
Declaring from the end
To the beginning
And from the beginning
To the end

For I am sending out
Those that would
Answer the call

So they can go and say,
“Great is He that can set you free,
Great is he that loves thee,
Great is he that seeks thee.”

For I AM He -
The First and the Last
The Ancient of Days

And I have a plan
For all that would stand
Who would truly honor Me
As Lord

For I will grant
And give unto all
That would call

They’ll not lack
Nor shall they fail to see
All My provision
Prepared and made ready
Before I open the door

For My eyes see far
And they see wide
And from them
Nothing can hide

So I say today,
“Prepare the way
Make it straight
And don’t be late!”

For many would think
That I should do it all
But I say,
“It’s your call!”

So you make the call
And do not stall
I’ll steer you near
To the place
Of My grace
For I’ve set a race
Before you

Set your heart to win
Fail to sin
And see good days
Walk with Me always

Call on Me
Day by day
And you’ll fully understand
The way

For My ways are not hidden
Nor mysterious
But I am serious
About the work at hand
So take your stand

Who would stand with Me
And truly be
All they were meant to be?

Who would stand with Me
And see
Through My eyes?

For who is wise
Among you?

Let him see
What’s in Me

Start now
And don’t be late
For the hour is late

Time is short
And few resort
To understand
The time at hand

So if you’ll follow the call
I’ll give you My ALL

I’ll guide you along
And put a song
In your heart

You’ll see the way to go
And you’ll know
How to get the job done
And still have fun

For I have not called
My people
To be dreary
And weary

But I called My people
To be strong
And bold
And proclaim
What must be told

For there are plenty
That seek
Only to be weak

Though in their mind
They think
They do Me service

They fail to see
What’s truly meant to be

They fail to see
The gravity
And the weight of the hour

But those that would look to Me
And focus
And set their heart
And mind on Me
They’ll be strong
And do exploits in My name

And I will come
And abide with them
And show them My ways
And help them out of the maze
And the daze
They find themselves in

So as you walk
Don’t look back
Remember Lot’s wife
She looked back
And lost the prize
Because of the lust
Of her eyes

For there is nothing
In this earth to prize

So be wise
And set your heart on Me
And your affection too
And I’ll take you through
To the other side
And to the end of your race
And you’ll come to know My grace

But know this first of all
Look around and see all
Perceive and see
What life was meant to be
With Me
And help others to know
Which way to go

But let your life
Be the show
Then they’ll know
That I AM He
That sets you free

Don’t be late
And don’t wait
Because as I said
The hour’s late

Work while its day
And while there is light
For soon it will be night
And no one will work
And the day will come to an end

So if you’ll answer the call
And lean on Me
Soon you’ll see
What I have in store
And so much more

And you’ll know
What true life in Me
Was meant to be

So walk with Me
And come and see
What I have prepared
For all that will come
And answer the call
And give Me their all

My life shall be yours
My peace
Shall be your release
And My wisdom
Will help you day by day

When you set your heart on Me
And water the seed
That I’ve planted in you

For you know its true
And you hear it, too
Deep within you

And you know its Me
So prepare to see
My grace And My glory
So that you can finish the story

And see the end
And win the prize
And be the apple of My eye

Be mine and be free
Come and walk with Me
But I say today
It will not be
A tea party
But it will be work and more

So store up for yourself
Treasure in heaven
Where moth and rust
Does not corrupt
And where thieves
Do not break in and steal

Invest into My kingdom
Invest your life
Give Me your best
And watch what I’ll do
With the rest

For there is none like Me
That can help you see
Hidden wisdom
For it’s all in Me

So seek and you’ll find
Knock and it will be opened
Ask and you’ll receive
All I ask is that you believe

So who has known My mind
At any time?
And whom will I reveal it to?

But those that would seek Me anew
And set their heart to find
What’s really Mine
And what’s near and dear to Me

See through My eyes
And you won’t despise
The trial you find yourself in

See through My eyes
And you won’t despise
Your neighbor
See through My eyes
And you won’t despise

So rise and be free
And come unto Me
And I’ll give you rest
And My best

For I proclaim it today
That I AM the Way,
The Truth
And the Life

And you, too,
Can be an extension of Me
And help others to see
What life was meant to be

So answer the call
And be Mine

So says, Jesus, the Lord of the Church. 
July 24, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee



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