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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Who Are You Listening To?

Who are you listening to?
A friend
Or a foe
Or don't you know?

When you hear
A whisper in your ear
It could be Me
Or it could be the enemy!

Yes, did you not know
There is an enemy
Of your soul?

He is not out for fun
But he is the one
That comes to steal,
Kill and destroy

But I came to give life
Free from strife,
Guilt and condemnation

But what can I say
To help you today
So you can see clear
What I am saying here?

To help you see the brevity
Of life and understand
The activity of this enemy
You must understand

He is not out for blood alone
Although he is a stone cold killer
But what he really wants to see
Is your life lost for eternity

For you should know that
Once he was with Me
I anointed
And appointed him

An angelic presence to see
Full of beauty and grace
He stood before my face.
And walked in the middle
Of the stones of fire

But he was not satisfied
With his place
For pride filled his face 
And he plotted within his heart

To start a revolt
To see if he could
Overthrow My kingdom
And My throne

But like a lightning bolt
He came crashing down
To the ground

But his rebellion failed
He was jailed
And then he realized
And despised
That I had the keys

So I sent him away
From my face
To another place

I sent him to the earth
Where he destroyed
It with mirth

But he called to Me
And said
Shall this be
My Eternal stead?

He cried and he said
It is not fair 
To leave me here alone
With no throne

But it was never in My heart
That he should rend apart
The earth
And lay it to waste

Everything was in chaos
And darkness was

So I said to his face
I will clean up this place
And set a man to keep it

But he said what is a man?
I declared
He is an extension of My hand
And He shall rule over you

So I cleaned up the earth
And when it was right
In my sight

I created man to be like Me
And then I gave him the keys
So he could oversee this enemy
And keep the work of My hand

I made him a place
Full of beauty and grace
A splendor to see
If you ask Me

So I put Adam
In this garden of delight
And charged him to rule
By day and by night

I brought all the creatures
I had created anew
To Adam
To see what he would do

He named them all
One by one
Until he was done

He was not long in his place
Before the enemy came like a spy
To see what havoc he could try

For he said in his heart
I will take this man apart
He shall not rule over me

He watched and he waited
While he anticipated
The right time to move

As he watched this man
He came to understand
He was just like God
But made from a clod of dirt

Now he was really mad
And even more determined
To bring this man down
To the ground
From which he came

I warned Adam to watch
And stay on guard
Because there was another
That wanted his yard

Then Adam came to Me
And said I do not see
Another like me
Upon the face of the ground

So the enemy watched closely
As I took a rib from Adam's side
And brought back to him a bride

A companion like no other
I told him to cover
The woman 

I blessed them and said.
"Be fruitful,
And fill the earth."

But as the enemy stood nearby
He began to cry out -
"There is more than one!"
He was stunned

Now there were two
And he did not know what to do.
But he said inside,
"I must try to divide
And conquer them quickly."

He had heard me declare
To the man
But one command

And he believed that if
He could sell this man a lie
And get him to reply
Then, he too, would become a spy

Now out of all the animals
I had created
There was one that was
Cunning and sly
But he did not know why

For at this time
The serpent did speak
But he was not meek

Knowing this the enemy
Saw his play
For he had been stalking him
Day by day

He went to the serpent
And seduced him
Saying, Let  me in
And you will see what
I can do through you

The serpent gave in
And let him in
And let him have his way
Until that day

Now the enemy
Set out
In pursuit
With his new found suit

Now one day
He saw the man
And his wife at play

Near the tree with
The forbidden fruit
That was not to be eaten

So subtly he came
to the woman
In his new suit
With but one pursuit

He tempted the woman
Saying, "Eat this fruit
And you will be wise
And your eyes
Will be opened"

"You will be like God
Knowing good
And evil."

The woman
Did not think
About who 
She was listening to!

And indeed she did eat
And her husband too!
Then they did not know what to do

For death had come
And took them both down
And it also took away their crown

They found themselves naked
And full or fear
As the enemy gloated
In their ear

For he said who
Shall rule who

For now once again
This place is mine
But now I have the keys this time
And you shall serve me 

But then I came into
The garden that day
Looking for Adam
In My usual way

But I knew what had been done
So I called out to them
Again and again

For their sin
had caused them to hide
Because of their pride 

Finally they came forth
And declared
What the serpent had done

Then I saw the serpent
Starting to run and hide
But I cursed him deep inside
Saying, "On your belly shall you go
From side to side

Because you caused your master
To hide in shame before My face
You shall no longer run and chase."

Therefore, I caused him to eat the dust
Because he gave his glory
To be used for another's lust

It was at that point
That I pronounced sentence
Upon Adam and Eve

I told them that they must leave
The garden of paradise
The place they lived
Without vice

But I did not leave them without
I gave them clothes
And sent them to till the ground
From which they came out 

For I also laid the foundation
For the day to come
When I would redeem
All that was lost
And pay the awful cost

For in time I came
To buy back
That which was lost
But it came
At the highest cost

For I came
Not into the world
To condemn it
But so that I could reverse
The curse caused by sin 

For My Father so loved the world
That He sent Me,
His only begotten,

And I gave my own life
So you could be free
And have your sin forgotten
In Me 

So now in Me you can be free
From the sin within
That was passed down to all
Through Adam's fall.

So I say to you now
And all 
That would read this letter
This enemy is still here!

And the last thing he wants
Is for you to see
And know this truth
That can set you free

Or to draw near to Me
And learn how to walk
And talk anew

In true victory
Over him,
The author of sin

For he still lies
And connives
But his end is near

If you will look to My cross
You will not suffer loss
In the Day
When all man's deeds
Shall be revealed

Receive Me, Jesus,
As your Master
And you will avoid
A great disaster

Your light will shine
And you will be mine
And in time
You will see
The love I bore for thee

But do not think
You will escape
If you forsake Me

Then your path will not be clear
And with an enemy for a master
All your life will spell disaster

His game has not changed
But he is still
The same evil twisted one

Beware of the thoughts
That come to your mind
For you will find
That many are not your own

But were actually sown
Like seeds by him
To keep you captive to sin
And a slave to him

Rise up today
And forsake his evil way
Come to Me and see
What life was truly meant to be

I will be waiting here
When you draw near
When you call out
I will not hesitate
Or be late

Blessed are they
That read this letter
And hear the words
Of this prophecy

Thus says the Lord, Jesus,
The Anointed One
Who now holds the keys once again
And paid your redemption from sin

And now to all
That will come
I will give
The keys of the kingdom

May 31, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A. Lee
                    - Edited by Linda I. Lee



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