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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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What is Your Time Worth?

A message to the Church from the Lord Jesus

What is your time worth?
And what would you give
In exchange for it?

For the time is now at hand
That I am taking an accounting
And I’m looking to see
Who would give themselves to Me

Can you find the time?
To know what’s on My mind?
Will you pay the price?

For many desire to see
My goodness poured out
Many would desire what’s Mine 

But they have not considered 
The time
A time to invest
And a time to press in

But if you will discover
What your time is worth
Then should I plead
To ask you to sow a seed?
A day or an hour
With Me?

For if I would take My time
And charge you but a dime
I would be called a thief!

But what is it for Me
To ask of thee
To give Me an hour
To see My power
Released into your life?

Who would pay the price to see
What I have with Me?
What’s in My hand?

For all those that would think
That I would come to take
From you
Have not known Me
Or My ways

For I am He
That paid the ultimate price
I gave My life, a sacrifice

For who can put a price
On a man’s life?
For can you not see
How valuable you are to Me?

That I would die in your stead?
And lie in the bed
Of affliction
So you could be free?

But to Me
You are valuable
Like a pearl of great price 
But twice as nice

So don’t underestimate
Your value to Me
And begin to see
What I have in store
For thee

Look to Me
Call on Me
And I’ll begin to reveal
Things that the enemy
Would try to steal
And I’ll give you every meal
And I’ll give you a good deal

But you must come to Me
And pay the price
And what is the price
You should pay?
But that you should
Give yourself away

For everyone that will
Lose his life
Shall find it 

For everyone that would
Keep his life
Shall lose it

For in Me
You can see
There is only equality

No man greater than another
No man Lord over his brother
Or any other

But if you’ll pay this price
And do not think twice
Lose your life
And give it away

Then in that Day
I will say,
“Well done, 
Thou good and faithful servant.”

He that is faithful to Me
Will partake in My glory
And he that would honor Me
I will honor him

Day by day
Give yourself away
Spend yourself
And be willing to be spent

For as you do
You shall renew
Your life

You’ll cease to walk in strife
And you’ll begin to see
What true life was meant to be

But it cannot be bought
With silver
Or with gold

But as I have told
You must allow Me to mold
And shape your life
Into what I intended it to be

For in My Word I did say,
“Blessed are the merciful
For theirs is the kingdom,
Blessed are they that hunger
And thirst after righteousness,
For they shall be filled.”

For in the day
You receive your pay
It shall not come in the way
That many would pray

But your bread
And your stead
Will be filled
As you wed
Yourself to Me

And as you give yourself away
To your fellow man every day
Then you will have
Treasure in heaven

And this treasure
Shall not fade away
But its glory will be seen
In the Forever Day

For I am the Way,
The Truth
And the Life

And for all that would receive Me
I’ll be better to you
Than a husband or a wife

For I will not fail to avail
Myself to you
In the hour of your need

And I will come
With speed
Looking to meet your need

But take heed
And know that it’s true
I love you so!

And if you love Me
Then go!

For if your time
Is more valuable to you
Than Me

Then why should I give you
My treasure

So I say to all,
“Come and answer the call
Give your life away
And live to see Another Day”

Don’t frown
Or look down
But know that I’m around

That I’ll lead you
And guide you every day
And show you the better way

So let the low life go
And come and show
Yourself to Me

And I’ll reveal
In store to be

So the next time
You see a need
Do not stand by idle
But go with speed

Deliver a sinner
And you will save a soul
More precious
Than rubies or gold

Begin to see
What’s truly 
Valuable to Me

Invest in My kingdom
And you’ll begin to see
What the stock market
Could only hope to be

For I pay well
And I pay on time
All those that honor Me
In kind

Begin to honor Me today
In every way
And don’t say
But find a need now

Do it unto Me
And I will see
That you get paid

For I am not a miser
Nor a crook
But I’m the One
Who wrote The Book

And if you’ll read it
You’ll begin to see
How I intended
For life to really be

But if you only laugh
At these words
And scour
With a sour face
In the place
You find yourself in

Then you will never see
Any good from Me
But you will find yourself
Truly alone
And cold as a stone
With no one to phone

For in your time of need
Your seed
Shall not fare
And your fruit will bear
Worms and grow old
For the half has not been told

But for all those
That would desire to see
What it’s like to be with Me

You will find in this Place
The face of all those
That ran the race
And won

And now have come
To serve the One
And each other

In this Place
There is but one way
And that is to serve
Your brother
For the eternal Day

There is no monetary
Compensation here
And everyone
Lives with mirth and cheer

For no need goes unmet
And every desire
You would see is given
And supplied to thee

For here we do truly
A labor of love
With the heart of a dove

For there is no lack
No need to carry a sack
Full of bills and coins

For in this place
There is beauty and grace
Full of joy forevermore

For I said to My disciples
Before I left
That I would go
And prepare a place for you
That where I AM
There you may be also

So it is with all
That will walk in My way
There is a place here
For you to stay
And there is no fee
When you come unto Me

Here all the gates are open
And all that love righteousness
And truth
And honor Me
Shall come to see it

Hear the word of the Lord
Calling out to the churches,
“Come back to Me
And begin to see
The way things were meant to be.”

Forsake your ways
And begin to gaze
Into My Word once again
Then you’ll see where to begin

For you call Me Lord
But you act like a hoard
Not giving to those
That would have a need
Or a seed

But if you cannot
Love your brother
In the here an now
And the stranger, too
Then you crucify Me anew

And make My Word
Of no effect
And reject
My heart
From the start

And if the shoe
Should fit you
See that you throw it away
And go barefoot every day

For it would be better
To walk without a shoe
Than to love only the few
That be around you

This is a New Day
And a New Hour
It’s My revelation
And the unveiling
Of My power

And all those
That would take My ways
Upon them
I will flow through
In this hour
Dispensing good
Like a shower

My grace shall abound
In every town
For I’m walking the street
To see whom I would meet

And in that Day
Many shall say,
Lord, “I did this”
And “I did that”

But they will fail to see
That they sat at the gate
And ate
In front of their hungry brother
And offered them none

For enjoy that which you have now
Because it’s all you’ll have
And all you’ll see
If you refuse to bow to Me

And don’t bow to Me
And plead
To see the things
I would do for you
If you refuse
To help your brother, too

Just open up your heart to Me
And I will show you
What to do
For it’s not hard to follow Me

For you see
I am meek and humble at heart
So set yourself apart

And let Me begin to show you
The true and living way
Then stay awhile and pray
For I’ll hear you in that day

And I will answer you
So call to Me and see
The abundance
I have in store for thee

For I have plenty laid in store
Waiting at your door
In the here and now
In the there and then

For I did not call you
To walk in poverty
Or to sell yourself away

For I AM a good provider
And will give to you
Day by day
All you need and more

But be willing
To take what I give
And help another live
To see a better day
And help show him the way

So invest in Me
For then you will see
What true abundance
Was meant to be

Thus says Jesus, the Messiah, the Bread of Life

June 12, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A Lee
                    – Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee



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