William & Linda Lee

Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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There's Power In You

Have you not known?
And have you not heard?
There is more to life
Than being a nerd

In the church
This is also true
And I intend
To make it anew

I intend to draw a line
And set the record straight
And show you how
To drive there
So you won’t be late

But as many know
The church is more
Like a show

Than doing what
I actually said
For don’t you know?
I said, “Go!”

For few have come
To see anew
And realize the things
That I really want to do

Many are helplessly
Separated from the power
Available to them
In this hour

For if you desire religion
More than a relationship with Me
I tell you the truth
You will certainly fail to see
All I want you to be

And you will not come
To understand My glory
Much less, the truth
Behind the story

But if you’ll open your eyes
And desire to be wise
I will help you to see
What must needs be

And you’ll begin to know
That there is not much further
To go
Before I return

Therefore I say,
Make the most
Of every day

But you say,
What would you 
Have Me do?
Where should I start?

And I would say to you,
Begin by looking
Into your heart

Look under the hood,
And see what’s there
Tune up your engine
And learn how it fares

Then your car will truly run
You’ll not sputter around
Wondering if your race was won

But if you’ll look to Me
I’ll help you see
The power residing within thee.

And I’ll show you how to draw it out.
I’ll teach you day by day
As you look to Me
To show the way

Many claim to desire
To see My fire
But they have not known
Nor been shown
What I am about to say to you

Think of your life as a car
In a race
For life is a great chase
And a pursuit

But when the chase
Has come to an end
Where will you be
My friend?

Will you be in the winner’s circle?

Or will your car be on fire
Because of your great desire
That has not been steered
In the right direction
Or geared to perfection?

But instead, like many
You’ve probably hit the wall
Once or twice
And found out it wasn’t too nice

There is no wreck
That does not leave destruction
Nor impair your function

So when the race nears the end
My friend
And only a few laps remain
Will your race be lost or won?

There’s only a small difference
Between the winner of the race
And the rest that follow
During the chase

But nearly always
The race was over
Before it began

It started in the pits
For it was there
Where preparation began
While the engine
Was still on the stand

For no man starts his race
Or will ever finish the chase
If he doesn’t pour more
Into the core
And start with a good bore

As I’m sure
Most of you understood
It all begins under the hood

It’s the same
In the spirit too
If you will not pour more
Into the core of your heart

You’ll fail to
Win the race
Much less
Finish the chase

For no man would start out
To build a race car
Without getting the facts
And reading stacks
Of manuals

And pour his life
Into these books
All just to have
A little more power
For one hour

Again it’s the same
With Me, too
I gave you
But one manual
And if you will pour
My word into your core

You will also find
In kind, the power
You need in that hour

For if a car can
Be so valuable
To a man

How much more value
Could you place
On winning your race
In life?

But now let Me show you
Some more
And help you to see
Some of the truths
That can be found
Right in front of thee

With Me things are simple
They’re not hard
I just want you to be willing to go
The extra yard

Give Me the best you can
Even when it seems hard
And you’ll not fail
To make it to the end
Of your zone

There is more power in you
Than you’ve come to know
But let Me show
You how to pull it out

When you come to Me
Your life may seem broken down
Much like a car found
In the wrecking yard

Once somebody’s jewel
But now it needs a tool
If it should ever run again

So when you come to Me
I’ll give you a new heart
And a new start

And like a Master Mechanic
You will find
That I have every kind
Of tool you will ever need

Only look to Me
And you will soon see
That I’ll have you tuned-up
And ready to race again

If life seems like a drag
And your car seems
Like an old nag
Then bring it to Me
And you’ll soon see

That I’ll put My “Super”
Under your hood
I’ll supe you up
And send you out
Then you’ll be a dragster
Instead of a nagster

But don’t be like the fool
His car is broken down
But all he can think about
Is giving it a crown
He goes about it all-wrong

He takes his car
To the body shop first
He bangs out the dents
And paints it too
Has it looking shiny and new

But when the race
Is ready to start
He suddenly realizes
That he is missing
The most important part
The heart, which is a good engine

Likewise, as followers of Me
Don’t set your eyes on
Just what you can see

There’s nothing wrong
With looking good
Just make sure
You start under the hood

The next most important thing
That anyone can do
Is to make sure and use
The right type of fuel

Many a person is like
An engine that sputters
And clunks
and knocks through life

Even if they may have
Started under the hood
And their engine is tuned-up fine

They’ve failed to take into account
The quality of the fuel
They use each time

But as engines go
I’m sure you know
That all are designed
By a hand

And every manufacturer
Has determined the best fuel
And mixture to use
So the car won’t snooze
When the race is on

So it is with Me
I manufactured thee
By My hand

I gave you a Manual
I’ve shown you exactly what to do
To keep your engine
Running like new

No one in their right mind
Would go and find
The cheapest fuel
Of any kind

Who would use orange juice?
Or milk?
And or vegetable oil, too?

If they did that
They would only
End up making glue!

If they pour it into their motor
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know
They may have a great car to show
But in the end it will not go

Soon they would see
All their hard work
Broken down
With nothing to show
But a frown for their loss

So it is in My church, too
Many people think they can run anew
And still pour glue
Into their tank

But take My word on this fact
If you pour glue into your tank
Your life will be like the Titanic
When it sank

Many people’s troubles
Could be avoided
And done away with, too

If they only knew
To check their fuel
And inspect what they’ve
Been pouring into their tank

Every engine needs fresh air too
For if the intake
Worked best with smoke
Every car
Would run on a cigar

No mechanic would ever think to do
Some of the things
That I’ve seen you
And My people do

Every mechanic knows
That every part has its place
And must do its job precisely
Just to see the car perform nicely

So it is with you
And My church, too
All must learn
And observe what to do

So read the things
I’ve outlined in My book
Otherwise, like a crook
Your life will be stolen
And you’ll have nothing left to show

The next thing everyone should know
Is that not only do you need to start
With a good core
And a good bore
And good fuel too

But you also need
A spark to ignite
When the time is just right
And as a result
Combustion will occur

Again so it is with you
You need a new heart
And you need the right fuel
But you also need a spark

I AM that spark
And by My Spirit
I’ll impart

All the power you need
To succeed
To get the job done
And see your life run smoothly

I’ll also show you how to have fun
While your race is being run
And I’ll teach you
The true meaning of life too

But if you’re to enjoy it
Then see to it
That you don’t forget

That each and every day
You come to Me
The Master Mechanic

And I’ll give you a new tune-up
I’ll remove the panic
I’ll remove the pain
I’ll clean up your oil spill
And remove every stain

And if you ever come into the pits
I’ll jack you up in that hour
And give you fresh tires too

I’ll fill you up and send you out
So you can get back into the race
And finish the chase

But remember, even though life is like
A race and a chase
And there be many laps
Around the track

Year by year
Make sure that you
Continue to steer

And stay away from the wall
And if the time comes
And you see a place to pass
Do not harass
The other drivers

Or your race
May come to an end
Especially if you’re not paying
Close attention

You may rear-end another
Or hit the wall
And cause your engine to stall
Because you’re not watching
The road at all

One more thing
That I must say
About this race

As you go round
Day by day
Remember the track
Is only one way

But if you look to Me
I’ll watch your back
And help you to see
If trouble comes your way

But make sure you don’t forget
There are others on the track
And all of them
Want to win the race too

Even though they may
Try to take out their
Frustration on you

But in real life there’s another
to contend with every day
And he’s definitely lost his way
I’m talking about an enemy
That would try to steer you wrong

So be careful
And don’t let him in your car
For if you let him in
Your tires will just spin

You’ll get nowhere fast
And you’ll run out of gas
Before your race is over

Your life will sputter
And putter
Because he’ll have you
Running on fumes

Your engine may blow
And your rods, too
Frankly, I’ll just say it,
He’ll be like poison to you

Nothing good will come
If you let him in
So send him away
And live to see another day

Invite Me in
And I’ll help you win
I’ll be your Crew Chief
And the angels will stand by, too
And we’ll all take good care of you

So when you find yourself in the race
And you’re in the middle of the chase
Set your sites to win
And lay aside every sin

And remember there’s more power
Under your hood
Than you’ve ever understood

Though there be many in the race
But only one wins the prize
So keep your eyes fixed on Me

And I’ll steer you clear
Of any accident
That would come near

And I’ll keep your life from spinning
Out of control
I’ll keep your life on track
In the way it was supposed to go

For you’ll get there faster with Me
And you’ll see
What life was truly meant to be

Thus says, Jesus, the Master Mechanic 
June 24, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by William A. Lee



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