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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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A Seed To Meet Every Need

There is a seed
That can meet 
Any need
You may have today

But if you would reap
A harvest
Then you must learn
What it means to rest

For I have already given you
You will ever need
To succeed

But that does not mean
That you will partake
Unless you take hold
Of My promise

And learn to be bold
In the face
Of the storms of life

And you must be prepared
To deal with strife
Or like a knife
It will cut 
Your promise to shreds

Leaving you with nothing
But dread
On the roadside of life
Half dead

But what is this seed
That will meet every need
And how does it grow
Or don’t you know

For My Word
Is the seed
To be heard

And when it is heard
It has the potential
To do something special

But like all seeds
It has needs of its own
And it has everything to do
With the environment
In which it is sown

For many 
Would like to think
They are good ground
But I say, 
Take a look around

If you do not see
The fruit
There is most likely
No root

For every seed
Must first grow a root
Before it will ever grow
A shoot

And even
If you have a root
And a shoot

Then you must still learn
To farm and to tend
Before any harvest 
Will come in

But who is wise
And can see
How a harvest 
Comes to be

For no harvest comes
To the one
Who will not plant
Or sow a seed

And so it is
With My word 
It must be heard
For you to have faith in Me

You must come to know
That My promises 
Are seed
That will grow

Until they show
The fruit
What was in the root

But the truth be known
You only receive
What you believe

And the fruit
You have today
Only proclaims 

The seeds 
That you've 
Allowed to grow
Or didn’t you know?

Yes, it true
Your words
Are seeds too!

And you
Will grow a crop
Based on the words
You say
Every day

Simply look around
At the fruit 
To be found
And ask yourself

If you do not see
What you've been saying
Day by day

But even if you hear
What I would say
To you today

And even if you look
Into My book
And find a promise you read

Make sure you plant the seed
And check the ground
Of your heart, too

And make sure
You have done
What I proclaimed to you

Life is not like a restaurant
You cannot order things
Anyway you like

For no good parent
Would let a child ride
His bike on a freeway

Simply because
He wants to go
The free way

For foolishness 
Is bound 
And found
In the unwise

So don’t despise
What I say
And fail to hear
Me today

But if you choose
To go that way
Don’t be surprised
If you fail to receive

What I promised
Could be
To the one
That would believe

Be willing to see
The rules
Placed around thee

For I have placed rules
And laws
All around

Such as gravity
To hold you down
To the ground

Believe Me, its true
And if you doubt
You can easily find out

But these laws
Are for your protection
Not a sign of My rejection

Why reject
My ways
When they are only meant
To protect
The ones I love

For they only establish
And will keep your life
Free from sin
Death and strife

For if sin
Could help you win
Then I would have told you so
And all would know

For I tell you the truth
Sin will steal 
And kill
But it will never fulfill

Blessed are they
That would hear
What I would say
And receive My word
To be heard

Now if you do hear My word
And your heart is stirred
And you choose to believe
What is said

Then you allow it
To get past your head
And down into your heart

For any a good seed
Planted in good ground
Will begin to take root

And if properly watered
And tended, too
It will begin to shoot
Forth from the ground

But that is the time
To again hear My voice
And make a choice

To meditate on the Word
You believed
And received

For if you do
The shoot
Will grow

First the blade
Then the ear
Then the full corn
In the ear

If you would receive
From Me
Then you must learn
To listen to Me

You must learn
To grow in My word
By letting it be heard

If you do
It will grow like a crop
Until it reaches the top

For the root
Will produce the fruit
And the promise you desire

But if you will not meditate
In My word
Or hear what I would say
I cannot help you today

Nor will you come to see
The promises
That could be for thee

For I promised in My word
That I would heal
Your body

But if you have not believed
And received
You will only be grieved

But if you do believe
That I healed your body
By the stripes I took
As proclaimed in My book

Then prepare to stand
Until the manifestation
Is at hand

For healing always comes
When it is received
Like a seed

For it will come
Just as I said
it would

But you must be patient
Like a farmer
And wait
For the harvest
Of your faith

For according
To your faith
It will be
Unto thee

But only believe
And let your faith grow
For harvest will come
In the proper season

And if you are diligent
And vigilant
To watch over My word
To tend and keep it

Then it will start
To set you apart
And bring forth
The promise
That was sown
In your heart

But many fail to receive
They don’t ever plant a seed

But for those that do plant
Many still
Fail to water

And of those that water
Many, they fail
To keep out the enemy

Like Adam
In the Garden of Eden
The same enemy
Is bent on your destruction

And he will not stop
Until he destroys
Your entire crop

And if you let him he will
     And destroy your life
One word at a time

For your mouth
Can be a weapon
To still the avenger

Or your mouth 
Can be the very seat
From which you employ
The enemy to destroy
And enforce your defeat

But make no mistake about it
You will employ Me
Or you will employ him

But in the end
You are the only one
That can make the choice

So for your sake
I implore you
To not give him a place
To destroy My grace
In your life

For if you will look to Me
And hear
What I would say

I will help you
Take the victory
All the way

But you must surrender
Your mouth today
And learn My ways

Or else you will simply
Tie My hands
By the words you say
Every day

So if you will not heed
What I would say
Then mark this day

And realize
That you’re forsaking
My way

And My way
Is the only way
That leads to life
And that more abundantly

So if you need to be healed
Then take My pill
And put it in your mouth
Until it saturates your soul
And makes you whole

If you need a financial
Breakthrough today
Then do what I say
And be willing to tithe
And give Me your best

Then simply believe
And leave
The rest to Me

For you will
Never be ashamed
Not even one day

If you truly believe
On My Name
And act on what I say

But realize that My way
Is a process
Not a quick fix

For the weeds
You have sown
Must be uprooted

Then new seeds
Must be sown
And tended
Until grown

For it is true
That I AM sovereign
And able to do
Miracles, too
But that is NOT
My best for you

My best is that you
Enter My rest
And learn to farm

Not being alarmed
Or wondering when
Harvest will begin

Simply know
It is the right way
To go

And if you will learn
What I say
It will start to help you today

For the time of harvest
Is determined
By the seed

But the bounty
And fruitfulness
Is managed by thee

So do not think
That you know one
Who tried that and failed

Because no farmer fails
To receive
When he does
What he needs

And plants his seeds
And looks to Me
To be His blessing

For I profess today
That this is My way

And if you will
Guard your heart
And set time apart
To be with Me

I will bring you
Into victory
For whatever you
May need

For I AM the Blesser
And I desire to be
The possessor
Of your soul
And help you to be whole

But the devil is the tempter
And those that follow
His hollow ways

Only exempt themselves
From what I would say
And then blame it on Me
In that day

So if you desire to find
True victory in life
Then find out what I said
In My book
And go take a closer look

Jesus, the Seed of Love.

September 08, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                            - Recorded by William A. Lee 
                            - Edited by Linda I. Lee



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