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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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See Far Into Eternity

What would it be like to see
Far into eternity?

First you would see
That time is no more
But you would find
That I have plenty in store

With Me outside of time
You will find
Life to be exceedingly great

So do not be late
For I AM the Gate
And the way is through Me

For only in Me
Will you come to see
Eternal life

For I proclaim today
That I’ll show you the way
I’ll make it straight
I’ll walk you through the gate

For in the Eternal Day
None shall stray
Temptation shall be no more
For sin will not lie at the door

But all will be perfect
And fullness of life
Shall be the order of the day

For in the Eternal Day
All will come to say,
“Blessed indeed!
For the half was not told
From the days of old!”

But now I will open your eyes
And help you see
Hidden deep in Me

Things yet to come
Unknown before now

But to those that would hear
And believe and receive
The words of this prophecy

You will find
Peace of mind
And joy unspeakable
And full of glory
Which is only
The beginning of this story

But first I must say
For those that would
Go their own way
They shall not see
The Eternal Day

For outer darkness
And eternal night
Shall be their plight

Darkness with fervent heat and fire
Alone will consume their desire
And their purpose
Shall come to an end
As they descend

But know this to be true
For it’s not My will for you
Or any

For the lake that burns with fire
Was never My desire
For man to see

But those that rebel
And sell
Their soul to evil
And the one
From which it comes
Will find no place in Me
Nor will they see
Eternal Life

Though they will exist
In the eternal state
They will find no time
For any desire
But to quench the fire
And to see the light
Once again

For this is the second death
That no man should see
So come unto Me
And let Me give you true life

But understand My ways
For I AM not evil
But I AM Holy,
Righteous and True
And if you would be with Me
Then you must be, too!

For it is not My desire
To reveal the darkness of this fire
But I would have you know
Lest you go
For there will be no return!

For today is now the hour
To call upon Me
And decide to be
With Me

For when this life is done
And the temporal day is over
All will have had
The choice of good or bad

So choose good
And choose life
Forsake strife
And sin
And you’ll win

Fail to do so
And all you’ll see
Is eternal misery
Because you won’t be
With Me

But My heart cries out
With an eternal shout!
Hear My words
And let them stir deep within
So you don’t fail to win
For these words
Are faithful and true

But for those that will look to Me
And desire that which is right
They’ll be bright as the light
And I’ll give them sight
And they will see
What life was really meant to be

And in the Eternal Day
There will be much joy
For there shall be no more night
And all will see what is right

And those that look to Me
With oneness will see
And know the plans
I have in store
For I AM the Door

For the Day
Shall be bliss
As you listen to the wind
In the trees
And see the light of day

All will have a way
And a place to call home
And there will be places to roam
And see

For I will remake
The earth anew
And you will live here too

But that which has held you down
To the ground
Will no more be your bound

For though I took you
From the ground
Glory will become
Your crown

And at the speed of sound and light
You’ll travel with might
You’ll go and see
Places yet to be
Places hidden in Me

For there’ll be
Much to do
As we rebuild anew

You’ll learn new ways to work
And I’ll give you the tools
And the plans
So you’ll know what to do
When I send you

Across the galaxies
Across the spans of time
And space
There you’ll run and chase

Planets to see
And places to be
Prepared for My glory
And to the honor of My Father

And from place to place
You’ll run your race
And you’ll begin to know
Why I love you so
And why you’re precious to Me

For I will always be near
For I will not leave you alone
As you roam
But I’ll guide you by My hand
And give you wisdom to stand
As you execute the plan

For I AM building
A kingdom that has no end
Therefore I send
Those that look to Me
To prepare and build

And there will be time for fun
For as part of My family
You will always be
Near and dear to Me

And I will call you once again
To come and be with Me
We’ll always be one
And shine like the sun

Every desire will be met
And every gift given
And you will come to know
All those that look to Me

And you will see
Their light shining bright
And they’ll be your family
And your friend
Just as I will be to the end

But the best part of all
Is there’ll be no more fall
For you will be like Me
And you’ll truly begin to see
What I had in mind
When I made you in kind

You’ll begin to know
Why I love you so
For eternity

In the Eternal Day
Shall never sway
My love for you

For it will only grow
And increase
Because I desire to release
What is mine to you

And share it
So you can bear it
To My glory

So rejoice and be glad
There’ll be no days to be sad
There’ll be no poverty
There’ll be no night
There’ll be no fear
And no fright

For you’ll be with Me
And I’ll set you free
From all that held you back
For I want you to be
Here with Me

I want you to hear My heart
And know I set you apart
To be mine
To be the apple of My eye
To be My heart’s cry

For it gives Me pleasure
To give you the kingdom
And establish you
In truth and righteousness

So all I can say today
Is come and see
What I have in store for thee

For there is only one door
And only one way
And that’s through Me

But as you can see
I AM meek
And gentle in heart
And only desire to honor you

To bless you
And possess you
With My Spirit of love
And truth

For I tell no lie
For I proclaim
These words are true
And I seal them
By My Spirit to you

Feel free to call on Me
And you’ll see
That I proclaim this to thee
And all that would call
On My name
Just the same

Glory and honor
Praise and glory
For the story
The story is glory

For I AM the same
Today and forever

For I AM the same
I do not maim

For I AM the same
I give no pain

For I AM the same
Only love to gain

For I AM the same
As I proclaimed

For I AM the same
The Giver of life

For I AM the same
And in Me is no strife

Hear My words
And note them well

For I AM the same
And I only tell
The truth

Come and see
What I have in store for thee

So shall it be
With Me

So says the King of kings and Lord of lords.

July 25, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                    - Recorded by William A. Lee and Linda I. Lee
                    - Edited by Linda I. Lee 



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