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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Make A Special Place

There is a place
In My grace
Where you will discover
My face

There is a place
In My grace
Where you’ll find
My embrace

There is a place
In My grace
Where you’ll discover
Your race

So know you can be free
If you will come
And see
Then listen to Me

But if you will
Go your own way
You will not be in the right place
When I come to embrace

For if you seek My face
In the wrong place
You My not see
All I intended to be

But you can come to know
My love, so
You will see where to be
When you come to seek Me

It is true that I can see
Far and wide
And I know every place
You would go

But there are places
That you go
That I will not follow

So if you long to see
And come to know Me
Then find the place of My grace
And then seek My face

For not all that seems
To point to Me
Will set you free

For many go to see
What is not of Me
And I will not meet you there

Even if you stare
At something that looks glorious to see
But is not of Me

For man’s device
May look nice
But I look at the heart
And that’s the place to start

So I say go home
And find a place alone
Then call on Me

And then you will see
That I will meet you there
When you sincerely
Draw near

To hear
What I would say
In that day

For there are many
That only desire to be
Seen by others
And not by Me
For their heart
Is far from Me

So if you desire
A new fire
And you want to know
If all I said was so

Then come meet with Me
In the place of My grace, alone
And away from the phone
Turn off the TV
And just be with Me

Then I will draw near
And come to see
The one that truly looks
For Me

For I AM not some jewel
Or some kind of tool
Nor am I a fool
Nor am I a genie in some bottle
Nor an I a meanie
Nor will I dawdle
When you call on Me

For those that honor Me
They are the ones
That will come to see
And know Me personally

For I AM merciful
And full of grace
And though I can
See every place

I still want to meet you
In a special place
That you make
Just to seek My face

For many desire to know
Why I seem to talk
With but a few
But if the truth be known
You reap what you’ve sown

I draw near to those
That hold Me dear
Who look to Me
With all their heart

Those who prize Me
Will come to see
What life is like
To be with Me

And they will hear My voice
But in the end
It all comes down
To your choice

So choose to be with Me
And make a special place
And set your heart
To seek My face

But if all you desire
Is to have it your way
Then I AM not your King
And therefore I truly say,
“Go have it your way.“

But don’t forget
That I gave you the choice
To hear My voice

If you’re unwilling
To hear My call
Then you don’t really
Love Me at all

Nor should you expect to see
What it’s like to know Me
Or come to hear My voice
But, as I said, “It’s your choice.”

And even though it be My will
You will still fail to find
Any peace of Mine
At any time

For I love all
But I only seek
To be with those
That are truly meek
And desire to honor Me

So if you call on Me
And you fail to find
Me in kind
Now you will know
Where I do and do not go

Make a place for Me
And wait and see
Look to Me
With your whole heart
And it will not be long
Before you’re singing a new song

But don’t be surprised
If I wait to see
If you’re really
Looking for a prize
Or for Me

For if you truly seek Me
You’ll discover
That I long to be
The lover of your soul
And make you whole

So find a special place to be
Just with Me
And begin to seek Me
Day by day
And I will show you My way

And be willing to humble your heart
If you want to have a new start
Because life with Me
Does not start on your terms

For I do not abide
With those that hide
From My face
And My grace

But you must come to the light
If you wish to see
And know what’s right
And you must be willing
To follow Me

Follow Me
And forsake your way
And live to see another day
And soon you will see
What it’s like to walk with Me

In the here and now
And In the Eternal Day
I will never fail to meet you
Along the way

But I also have more to say
So come near and hear
What the Spirit is saying
To all that would seek My face

It is noble
To run your race
But remember your place

And don’t forget
To seek My face
In that special place
With Me alone
As I have shown

For if you do
What I have proclaimed
You will also see
That My Spirit will begin
To lead you away from sin
And to a deeper walk within

And you will begin to hear
When I whisper in your ear
And you will come to know
The right way to go

And I will show you
That which you desire
But first light a fire
In your heart
And set time apart for Me

Otherwise, you will not know
The way to go
And the place to be
When I desire
To visit with thee

I will be waiting
In that special place
Prepared for My grace
And there we will embrace

So says The Lord of Grace, Jesus, the Lover of your soul.

August 02, 2007  - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                        - Recorded by William A. Lee



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