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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

For I am the King
And I desire to sing
A song to you

So you can hear
My heart today
In a whole new way

For I declare
That I bear
A get love for you
And I want you
To know it’s true

But all I can say
Is come My way
And let Me share
This love I bear

Let Me give you
The grace to be new
And be dear to Me
As it ought to be

Let Me give you life
Free from strife
And the from sin

"For I AM He
That gave His life to be
An offering for thee

I came to give 
My life for you
So you could live anew

There is no better way
Than to see
The light of day

And to know
That I Am He
That set you free

And I will cause
You to see
That I AM He 

For though I proclaim
My love, the same
Let it be
That which sets you free

And I will be the One
And Only for you
If you will be Mine
Throughout all time

Never a day to be gray
Or a place of disgrace
But only My love
Shining in your face

Look to Me
And you will see
All that I AM
And all that I wish to do

When you look to Me
To take away the sin
And say, 

‘Blessed is He
That set Me free
And gave His life for Me.
Blessed is He
Blessed is He!’"

For I am the One
That came
To give you a way
And to say,
“Come unto Me
And see
Life more abundantly."

Let Me bless your life
And share Mine 
With you 

And your eyes 
Will be opened
And you will know
That I have declared 
The truth so

For I would convey
There is a better way 
And it is by Me
That you will see
Everlasting life

For I Am the Way
The Truth
And the Life

Come and see
The life
I wish to give thee

For none will ever find
True peace of mind
Without Me

For you must see
That I Am He
That created thee
And gave you life 

For before the foundation
Of the earth
I saw you
With great mirth

And desired to share
My life with you
And give you a place
In My grace
Near My face

But if you would
Come to Me
Then you must
Come to see
Your need for Me

For all men do seek
To fill their heart
With something less
Than My best

But if the truth be known
My best is passing the test
And learning what it means
To know Me

For there is one
That would desire
To steal your heart
And take it from Me

But he is on his way
To the Lake 
That burns with fire 

To cure his desire
To oppose all that is right
In My sight

But do not let your life be
The next casualty
Because you forsake Me

What could I fail to say
To show you today
The love in My heart
To set you apart
To be with Me?

To set you free
From the clutches of sin
That is deep within 
Every man’s heart
Before I set them free
And apart to Me

Come and see
I AM the real thing!

And come and know
That I truly bear
A great love for you

Come today
And do not stray

I”ll be waiting to hear
And looking forward
To draw near
My dearest

The Holy one who seeks to be Your only One,
Jesus, the Christ of Israel, The Lion of Judah. 

July 28, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by William A. Lee



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