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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Good Test

If I gave you a test
How would you fare
Against the rest?

Or do you know
How you would do
If My eyes were on you?

What many don’t know
Is that the show
Must go

For those that come to Me
Should know
That My eyes go
To and fro

And they see all
Great and small
Right down into your heart
Every little part

There’s nothing
Hidden from Me
That I cannot see
But my heart is fixed on thee

For many think they’ll say
To Me in that Day
That, “I was good
Therefore, you should
Open the door and let me in.”

But what you fail to realize
Or see
Is all the baggage
That you bring with thee

No one can come in
That would carry sin
For sin must be judged
And the price paid
But only those that look to Me
Will find the aid

For I paid the price
So you could go free
And all your sins were judged
When I bore them on the Tree
Out of my love for thee

But if you still think
You have what it takes
To come strolling
Through the gates

Then let Us see
How much good
Is really in thee

From your youth
Until now
Did you ever bow
To sin or let it in?

For many would say
What is sin?
That I should let it in?
Am I polluted or deluded?

But the truth be known
There is much to be shown
Much to see
I would declare to thee

For in the beginning
I created the first man
Gave him a wife

And caused them to stand
In the midst of My garden
I sent them to keep

But like sheep
That went astray
They decided to go
Their own way

I gave them
But one command
And at that
They failed to stand

When the test came
They failed the same
But what you should know
Is that I loved them so

And though they chose
To depart from Me
They also failed to see
All I wanted them to be

But nevertheless
I had a plan in store
To reopen the door

However, you should know
A certain fact

That in that hour
You were within
The one who sinned

Not born yet
But dead
Just the same

For you were born in sin
Because the first man
Failed to be
A righteous tree

But your life was in his
And when he failed to stand
At but one command

All were brought low
But there have been
Many throughout time
That thought themselves good

But in the end
All their fruit
Came from the same root

Corrupt and lost
Cut off from Me
Dead and blind
And not able to see

But in My love
And my compassion too
I bore all your sin
On the Cross for you

So you too
Could go free
And walk hand in hand
With Me

But there is one more thing
That you should know
A mystery hidden
From long ago

No man could set you free
Until the day
My Father sent Me
I came from a different tree

Because of this
My blood was sufficient
To pay the price
And set you free

So now you see
There is none good
But Me

For I alone
Kept My Father’s command
And took a stand
For righteousness and truth

But now in this hour
I extend My power
To all that would look to Me
So they, too, can be free

But if you will not look to Me
You’ll fail to see
Not only what life
Was meant to be
But even what you have
Will be lost for eternity

For in that Day
When you stand
Before the Judge
And give an account

You will quickly see
There was never
Any goodness in thee

Now it may be true
That you’ve had a desire
To do right

But in the end
It will not give you flight –
Desire alone
Will not give you a throne

After all -
That’s what caused
The devil to fall

But when you come to Me
And acknowledge
What I’ve done for you

I will lift you up
And set you apart
And give you a new
Clean heart

And at the same time
I will also impart
Right standing to you

But then you say,
“What good is that today?”
And, “How will that help me
In the here and now?”

Much in every way.
For not only
Will I impart to you My life
In the here and now

But I’ll give you a place
When you finish your race
Here with Me
Throughout eternity

With joy unspeakable
And full of glory
For it’s a great story

For I have much
That I desire to give
To all those
Who want to truly live

To all those that desire
To see better days
And to know My ways

It’s to those
That my goodness
And mercy
Will be shown

And they will shine
And be mine
For all time

None will take them from Me
For I will help them to see
How to walk in victory

But it all starts in your heart
For it’s there I’ll impart
My nature and love
I’ll turn you into a dove

Where sin
Used to be full within
I’ll give you a new life
Free from strife

Mercy and truth
Will become your ways
When you open up your heart
And start to gaze at Me
The One that set you free

For I was lifted high
Upon the pole
Like the serpent of old

So that I would draw all men to Me
And help them to see
That in Me is everlasting life

So if any would think
They shall stand before Me
And proclaim their goodness

They have not known
Or been shown
From whence they came

So put away any thought from thee
Thinking that somehow
You will make a deal with Me

For there will be no barter
And there will be no deal
It will only make it harder
If I send you away in that Day

Because you came to Me
Not dressed in a garment
And not prepared for that hour

You’ll find yourself
Standing there naked
Without anyone
To plead your case

And you will find little to say
When you’re speechless
In that Day

So come to know the truth
In the here and now
Because sooner or later
Every knee shall bow

So I hope you now understand
No matter how hard you try
Your goodness
Will not buy you a golden ticket
To the sweet by and by

And though you may think
Your goodness is better
Than gold

You may be surprised
When you’re told
That it actually cannot to be sold

Because you will find
That it’s the other kind
Its called fool’s gold

It won’t take you very long
To discover
That your goodness
Will not cover
Your sins
Or take them away

And if you choose
To go your own way
I will have to say,
Depart from Me

So be honest with yourself
And with others too
And don’t think more highly
Than you ought to

And know that
It’s by My grace alone
That you’ll have
The strength to stand
And be found acceptable
To sit at my right hand

So come unto Me
And realize
That I have much more
In store
Than you could ever hope,
Ask or think

For like the blink of an eye
It won’t take long
Before this life is gone
And you’ll be standing
Before Me

So don’t wait
To make things right
Or think that you might
Be wiser than Me

For I am the One
Who can see
Throughout eternity

Come and be Mine
And all will be fine
And set you mind
On things above

And forsake the low life
And all the strife
And live to see a better day
Because I AM the Way

Thus saith the Lord, Jesus

June 20, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A Lee 
                    – Recorded by Linda Lee



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