William & Linda Lee

Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Get to Know Me

You can get to know Me
But first you must come to see
That My Word is My bond
And I will never steer you wrong

How would you know?
Or how would you see?
What I would like to give
To thee?

If you will not believe
My Word
Or the things
That I would say

I tell you the truth
You will never know Me
Not even for a day

So I say to you
Get to know Me
And soon you will see
What I have in store
For thee

For I desire
That you would come up higher
And begin to see
What I meant life to be

But you will never
Be My guest
Or enter into My rest
If you cannot
Pass the faith test

Faith in Me is easy
Simply believe what I say
And expect it
To come your way

For I do not tempt
Test or try any man
With evil of any kind

For My eye is good
And My heart is, too

And that is why you
Should expect Me to do
What I said to you

For I am not like
Any man
In that I do not lie
Nor Am I a spy

But there is another
And he is a spy
And the father
Of every lie

Watch out for him
And guard your heart, too
Or he will take
Advantage of you

He is cunning and sly
But many fail to see
That he no longer
Works for Me

Once a cherub
Named Lucifer
But now he is the destroyer
A twisted and evil one
Also called the devil
By some

He is full of guile
And will only smile
At your destruction

And all that serve him
Are just like him, too
Happily waiting to steal,
Kill and destroy you

If I had not revealed
His ill will
All would still
Be a slave to him

But I came
To put an end
To his evil ways
And help people to see
Better days

I can also help you
Come to a place
In My grace

Where you, too,
Can overcome
This evil one

Do not ever think again
That I am engaged
With this master of disaster

While it is true
That he once
Walked with Me
He failed to stay
In his place

As a result,
He set out desiring
To be like Me

But pride
Was found in him
And this became
The origin of sin

He sought to be wise
In his own eyes
But instead
Became a fool
With no place to rule

He tempted the first man
Just the same
When he seduced him
With false gain

And then
He, too,
A slave to sin

And worst of all,
The first man
Caused all
To inherit his fall

As a result
All were born in sin
Because all
Were still in him

So I hope you can see
That all need to be
Set free

From the slavery of sin
That became
Lodged deep within
Every man’s heart

As a result
No man was good

All were deplorable
And full of sin
Everyone in need
Of salvation from within

For it was in
The heart of man
Where sin began

And where death took its grip
And caused all men to slip,
Trip and fall away from Me

But most men
Were oblivious
To their plight

For most had lost
a true understanding
Of what was right

None were good
No, not one
All the sons of men

So if you would think
Your goodness
Will save you
From the sin
Lodged within
Think again

But I hold all men
Precious in My sight
And it was in My heart

To rescue him
From his plight
And help him
To better understand
Wrong from right

First I sent Moses
And many other prophets, too
All to give the truth
Back to you

But they also bore witness
To more than the truth
They bore witness of Me

The only One
Given by the Father
To set you free

Why Me and not another?
Listen for a moment
And you’ll discover

What about Mohammed
Or Buddha?
The Hindu gods
Or Confucius?
And what about
All those other gods too?

There are so many
What should a man do?
How can you be certain
Which one is true?

All these promise something
But is there a way
To truly know
Which is the right way to go?

Many would try to say
That all point
To the same way

But don’t be deceived
All are not the same

For many were
Just looking for fame
But all to their shame

Still others set out to deceive
Not caring for the truth
Or another man’s needs

All sounded wise
But it was only a guise
To their own demise

But My name is Jesus
What sets Me apart
From the rest?

First of all,
I am alive and well
And not in hell!

Unlike any of them
I sacrificed My life
So you could be free
From sin and strife

I came to set the captive free
But many of these
Endorsed slavery

I Am the Bread of Life
And I give Myself freely
I will not force any
To follow Me

I came only to seek
And to save
That which was lost
Not charging you the cost

All so you could be free
And so you could have life
And have it more abundantly
And enjoy it with Me

But many others
Will threaten to kill
And are more than
Happy to steal
While demanding
You submit to their ways

Many try to teach
That all will reach bliss
By using their fist
Nothing could be further
From the truth

They teach many to kill,
Steal and destroy
But in the end
It is all just a ploy
By the evil one

Empty and hollow
And nothing will follow
Do not think it’s smarter
To become a martyr

But as with all things
Look at the root
And examine the fruit

Must a man kill
or be killed
To enter into heaven?

How shall he
Be made righteous thereby?
While others stand around
And cry?

What about the one he kills?
Where will he go?
Or don’t you know?

Should a victim be condemned?
For violence is but the fruit
From a more sinister root

For look to that which is righteous,
Honorable and true
And then you will begin to see
Exactly what you should do

For if you will follow the truth
You will quickly see
That in the end
It leads back to Me

For I Am the Way
The Truth and the Life
No man comes to the Father
Except by Me

For in My Book I proclaim
That I hold My Word
Even above My Name

For My ways
Are only truth
And I make no lie

For I Am He
That chose to die
For thee

All so you could be free
So I ask you
To listen to Me

I will tell you the truth
And help you to know
The right way to go

But if you would
Walk with Me
I only ask
That you would believe
The truth at last

Be willing to believe
That I Am He
The Lord God Almighty
The Creator of heaven
And earth

Feel free
To call out to Me
And you will see
How fast I will answer thee

But look to Me alone
And give up your
Heart of stone
And all the pride, too

No need to fear
For I will hear
And draw near
When you seek Me
With your whole heart

But I will tell you the truth
And I reveal it today
So open your heart
And I will show you the way

From youth
All men do know
That there is a right
And a wrong way to go

But why right
From wrong
And not a song
From a gong?

Why have absolutes
To teach a child by
If nobody really understands
The truth behind the why?

For all have heard
Their conscience speak
But only the meek
Apply themselves to seek truth

No one ever had to tell you
That stealing was wrong
For I wrote it in your heart
And you heard it like a gong

For all can see truth
Just look at My creation
For it is upheld by My power
And its laws based on truth

Look all around
For there is no greater
Precision to be found

Look at the sun
And the moon in the sky
And they’ll teach you a great lesson
About Me
And Why
I Am He

When you look at them both
In the sky
Have you ever wondered why
They both appear
To be the same size?

But I am sure that you now know
That this is not actually so
The sun is great
The moon is quaint

Look how I aligned them
In the sky
Did you ever stop to think
That I made them
Both work in sync?

The greater light
To rule the day
And the other
To rule the night

But both
Appear to be
The source of light

And if you did not know
You would think
That they were both aglow

But only one
Is actually
The true source of light

At times they even come together
And when they do
The moon only tries to block the sun
And tries to take its place

But it is only in the light of the sun
That you can see the moon undone
For only then can you see
The true source of light

The moon is only a reflection
Of the true light, the sun
And the moon only rules
Over the darkness of night
And it has no light
Of its own

And in a similar manner
Many other religions
Seem to give light

But if you look closely
You will see
Their light is not bright

And they only rule the darkness
And have no true light
Of their own

But all that seek truth
Come to the light of the Son
The Holy One

And all that truly follow Me
In the darkness of the world
They will come to be
The source of light
And in them I do shine bright

So learn from Me
As you can see
There is nothing
Hid from Me

I already know every sin
You will ever do
But if you will look to Me
My blood will cover you

Why My blood
And not another’s?

For I Am the only man
Born of a virgin!

Just like you
I got My blood
From a Father, too

But My Father
Was not of the sons of men
But He is the Father from above
Full of eternal love

And He gave Me life
So I could become
The one true sacrifice

I poured out
My innocent blood
That was free from sin
So you could live once again

My blood was poured out
While I hung from the tree
Which some call the Cross

But that was the cost
To set men free
And no one could pay it
Except Me!

So now I hope you can see
It was My blood
That set Me apart
From the rest

No other man
Was ever born
Of a woman
That had pure,
Undefiled blood
Like mine
It is one of a kind

So if you will accept
What I did for you
Then My blood
Will cover you, too

It will cover the stain
Of your sin
And it will set you free
All because you trusted Me

So receive Me
Into your heart
And you will be set apart

And in the Day of Judgment
You will be
The one set free

Not because of your goodness
But because of My grace
I will give you a place in Me

So come to Me and live
And let Me give you
A new life truly worth living

Come and live with Me
Throughout all eternity
In My great city
The New Jerusalem

Where you will live in the eternal day
And it will be full of light
And it will shine bright
And there will be no night

For the half has not been told
So be bold
And answer the call

So says Jesus,
The Lord of the Church
The true Messiah
By the Spirit of Prophecy

June 27, 2007 9:05 PM

– Prophecy given by William A. Lee
– Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee


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