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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Draw Near And Hear

Draw near and hear
What the Spirit
Is saying to the churches

For I desire
My people to see
What it means to truly
Walk with Me

For I declare
That I bear a great love
For all that call
On My Name

But just the same
There is much more to gain
Than simply My Name

For I AM
The King of kings
And Lord of lords

But I ask you today
Who are the kings
And the lords
Of whom I speak?

For a king
Is not weak
But a king
Is strong and bold
Or haven’t you
Been told?

A lord did more
Than carry a sword
For he did decree
What was to be

So it should be
With those
That follow Me

They should be bold
And rule
But not cold or cruel
Like a fool

They should decree
That which should be
But not proclaim
What they see
Just the same

If you want to be like Me
Then take your stand
At My right hand

And learn
What it means to rule
And not be a fool

For those
That would stand
With Me

Must learn to see
And come to be
What I put in thee

I called you to decree
So decree after Me
Exactly what I said
In My word to thee

For if you desire to see
The higher life
Then you must let
The low life go
And learn what it means to sow

For I called you to rule
Over everyday life
But I did not call you
To walk in strife

Strife only comes
When you try to rule
The another ones
I hold dear

For they, too
Should rule
Their lives well

But if they fail
It is not your place to rail
On them

So I call you
To be a servant to all
That would call
On you

For all are called to rule
But only over
The original fool
And the circumstances
Of life

But none are called
To strife or to rule
Over another
Or their brother

Hear what I say
And I will help you
Walk in My way

Day by day
I will show you
The way to go
So you will come
To know

How to take your place
And face
The trials that come
Like the One
That truly won

And not like some
That only run
When trouble comes

So hear My advice
And learn to be nice
Learn to get along

And learn to be strong
In My might 
And I will give you sight 
To know what’s right

And you will know
The way to go
As I show
By My Spirit

I have also called
All in my body to reign
Together as heirs
Of My promises

And proclaim them to all
Great and small
Until all have come to know
Why I love them so

But if you would
Take your place
And learn to rule

Then also take possession
Of the kingdom
I came to give
And learn what it means to live
In the kingdom

And be willing to invest
In the kingdom with Me
And you will come to see
What life was meant to be

Come and learn
What I hold dear
And then draw near

Be willing to get involved
And get off the fence
And I will in turn
Bring you into My inner court

Where I will hear
Your requests
And give you rest

For if you
Will give Me your best
I will give you My best
But I admit it is a test

And you will never know
Unless you sow
And believe and trust
That I AM just

For I proclaimed
Give and it will be
Given to you

But few have believed
My report
And therefore they resort
To their own means

Instead of learning
What it means
To reign with Me
Just the same

I do not want
Your money
But I do want
Your heart

But the two
You cannot undo
For the are tied
And my word is tried

So what about you
Will you hear
Or will you sneer

At what the Spirit
Is saying
To the churches

And do not look
At My servants
As though they are criminals

When they tell
You the vision
I have given
And put within

For if you will be faithful
To those I lead you to
You will be counted faithful
To me

For what if I did appear
And asked for your best
Would you arrest me
Or would you be happy

For I love a cheerful giver
That I can deliver

In his time of need
All because he was willing
To plant a seed

For I will honor
Those that honor me
But if you will sneer
Or complain in My ear 
When I put out a call
In your time of need
If you fall short
Then you resort
To pray

Should I say
Of the day
I told you to plant
Your seed?

So in time you would reap
And find what you needed
To keep

Let those that would
Draw near
Hear the Spirit of the Lord

For those that would reign
In life with Me
Must come to see
How the kingdom is run.

But don’t be a fool
And think you
Would tell Me
How to run what I decree

But if you would
Come to Me
Be willing to bend a knee
And give a helping hand
And then I will cause you
To stand

Take your place
And be a king
And learn to rule
Over things

But if things have you
There is not much
You can do for Me
Because all you can see
Is what is in front of thee

So come and let Me
Bless your life
And cause you to rule
At My right hand

And learn to take a stand
For what is right
In My sight

And be willing to give
And learn what it truly means
To live

So says Jesus, the King of kings and the Lord of lords 

August 03, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A. Lee
                         - Edited by Linda I. Lee


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