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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Do Not Be Deceived

To, as many as would,
Hear My voice
And make the choice
Not to be deceived

For many think
They know the way
But I say today

That I AM the Way
The Truth
And the Life

There is no other way
Though many would try
To say otherwise

But they are unwise
And only despise Me
And My ways

But if I could help you
To see clearly today
That I AM the Way
Would you find the time
To hear what I would say?

For if you fail to see
That I AM the One
That created the sun
And everything under it

You will not come to know
Or appreciate
What I would show

But if you will
Humble yourself today
You will see My way

And the light
Shall shine bright
On your path

So do the Math
And ask yourself why
The bird does fly

Ask yourself why
You see through an eye

Ask yourself why
The mountains are so high

Look around and see
How grand
Is the work of My hand

For in it you will see
My peace, tranquility
And experience release

Then go to a city
And see what a man
Thinks life should be

For he thinks
Life is a rush
And fast paced
Like a race

But I say
There is more to life
Than the fast lane

For if you stay
In that lane
You will only go insane

It is just a matter of time
Until you blow a gasket
And find yourself in a casket

But I say,
Slow down the pace
And enjoy the race

And I say
Have fun
Until your race is done

Fun is fine
Just look
For the right kind

But life is much more
Than a party
And I would have you know
Before you go
To the wrong place

For many desire to be free
But if you ask Me
They only want to party

Going to a party
Will never set you free
But will only bring you
Into bondage
Unless you follow Me

Do not think I came
To do away with fun
And make life a bore
With no good times in store

For if you would come to Me
You will begin to see
That I AM the Creator of fun
And I love to play
The right way

But you must come
To know that there is one
That is bent on your destruction

And he is determined
To end your function
And cut short your days
In a haze of smoke
And that is no joke

The devil only knows
How to steal,
Kill and destroy

And he goes to every party
Looking to deploy
A trap

For every simple chap
That would turn his back
On Me

For like a foul
That is caught in a net
You’ll become trapped
When you tap
Into beer

And wine is fine
When you dine
But too much
Will cause an influx
Of problems

And smoke
Of any kind
Will only choke
The breath of life
Out of you

You may call this fun
For a day
But in the end
It will cost more
Than you are willing to pay

And take you farther
Than you would
Want to go
As many know

Many look at My church
And only want to flee the place
When they look at the faces
Of those that call Me Lord

But even in My house
There are those
That run away
And go astray

But I never
Meant to be
That way

But there are a few
That are truly
Beginning to live anew

And they are
Coming to see
How I intended life to be

I only gave
Two commands
And they should stand

Love the Lord your God
With all your heart
And Love you neighbor
As yourself

That is all I asked
Of those
That follow Me

To honor My commands
And enjoy
The work of My hands

But I also declare
That you should not dare
Forsake wisdom
And common sense

Allow them to be your defense
Then you will not fall into sin
Or give into the desires within
That will only take you captive

For the devil does know
That sin
Will cause you to rust
From within

Forsake all that bears
The mark of evil today
And come My way

The way that always
Leads to life
And freedom from strife
And always bears
Good fruit

But you must start
At the root
Of the problem

And that is the nature of sin
That has a death grip within
Your heart

For I did not put it there
But it came through your blood
All the way back
To the time before the flood

When Adam and Eve
Decided to dishonor Me
And ate from the tree
That bore a curse

And brought it
Upon themselves
And their children, too
All the way down to you

The only way to be free
Is to look to Me
The lover of your soul
And the only One
That can make you whole

I bore that curse
Upon the cross
When men reviled Me
And thought Me dross

I paid the cost
In full

So now those
That look to Me
Can be whole

But you must believe
That I took your place
If you wish to embrace
My grace

But many would ask
Why did you have to die?

The answer to that question
You will find
When you realize
That I prepared before time

A body free from sin
With pure blood within
That became an offering
Suitable to set you free

For I AM the only One
That could ever set you free
Because I AM He

The One born from above
That came from Eternal Love
With pure blood

Blood free from sin
Able to wash away
The curse within

The curse passed down
By the original sin
Before the flood
Now able to be washed away
By My blood

So receive Me
And what I did for you
And I will make your heart
Like new

And then you will
Begin to see
Exactly what life
Was meant to be

And I will come
And commune with you
If you will seek My face
And truly embrace
Me as a prize
Not to be despised

If you only knew
The love I have for you
And the things I desire to give
To all those that would live
With Me

But I must say
To all that would
Forsake My way

You will fail to see
True life
Even for a day

And in the end
I will have to send
You away
From My face
To another place

Not because I do not love
But because I will not abide
With pride
Or with sin

And I will say
But one more thing today,

“Do not be deceived
And believe that hell
Is just going to be
Some big party
And a place to see!”

For it will not be
Some wonderland
But it will be as dry
As a desert
Full of sand

For hell is not
The final jail
But it is a place
Of the disgraced

But it is the Lake of Fire
Where all will go
That embrace sin
For their desire

And though it be
A place of fire
It was made for those
That desire
To remain in sin

For in it will not be found
Any light
But only blight

For it resides
In outer darkness
And there none will see
Much less, have
Any kind of party

For the only thing
That will be on your mind
Is a desire
To quench the fire

For if sin
Is your desire
Then you will get your hire
In the Lake of Fire

But let Me tell you
About My place
A place of grace
Called the New Jerusalem

There you will find
The light of My Father
Shining bright

And giving light
And life
To all that live
With Me

Because they
Chose to forgive
And be forgiven

When they asked Me
To be their Friend
To the end

So come and see
The New Jerusalem
And forsake everything
That bears the stain
Of sin and shame

For there is no profit
In death
And unrest

For I declared
In times past
And again today,

“What shall it profit a man
To gain the whole world
And lose his soul?”

Come and see
The blessings
I have in store for thee

In the here
And now
And in that Day

If you will
Come My way
And say, “Help Me Lord!”

Then I will hear
If you are
Truly sincere

But there are some that think
I only play games
And tell fables
Just the same

But to their shame
They have not known
My Name

For I AM Jesus of Nazareth
And I AM alive and well
And I defeated hell,
Death and the grave

And I declare it to all
That will hear
And open their ear

That I can save
From the grave
And from the sin
Lodged deep within
A man’s heart

So come and be Mine
And we will have a time!

Jesus, Lord of all or Not at all.

August 06, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                       - Recorded by William A. and Linda I Lee



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