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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Coming Drug Judgment

Hear what the Lord would say
To this nation today
For there is coming
A great disaster
Because of the evil master

For this nation
Has fallen asleep
And it does not know
What it is about to reap

But what it’s about to reap
Will surely come forth
For it is sin's wages
Says the Lord

For this judgment is
Not from Me
But sin has its own reward
And has its own sword

And it shall break out
Like a great plague
And an epidemic, too

For few there be
That acknowledge Me
But it shall not come near
Those that hold Me dear
And follow Me

It shall come to be
A plague sweeping
Across this nation
That shall leave many weeping

And men’s hearts
Shall begin to fail
As they realize
And turn pale

For this is true
And I now proclaim it to you
It’s not the bird flu
But surely it will be
An epidemic all will see

I declare today
That men’s faces
Will turn pale
As their hearts fail

For their heart shall stop
Like a glass that drops
And the sound
Will be heard
A discouraging word

Not like anything
You’ve seen
Before this day

For this plague
Has already broken loose
And it shall be like a noose
Around the neck
Of everyone that partakes

It‘ll be like a gun
To their head
Until they’re dead

And there’ll be no cure
To be found
Only the dead
Lying around
On the ground

For I did say
In the last days
That there would be plagues
And this one, too
You’ll see before you

But it’s not the end
Nor is it yet even
The great tribulation to come
But it is a sign to everyone

It is the beginning
Of many woes
Yet to come

Before My church
Has finished its job
And is done

This plague will certainly
Open men’s hearts
So they’ll turn to see

For many fail to consider
The brevity of life
Until it cuts like a knife

This is not My will
But it’s a pill
That this nation
Has swallowed

For I proclaim
Its origin
Is from drugs

Not medicine but sin
It is a pill to swallow
For those who choose to wallow
In that, which is hollow

And many that embrace
This way of disgrace
Shall partake and waste
From this plague

For they shall come to see
What the real truth
Behind drugs
Is destined to be

So I proclaim it today
My word is true
I declare it to you
And to as many as will hear
Stay clear

For drug needles
Shall be like beetles
Transferring disease
From tree to tree

And it shall not stop
But it shall go
To and fro
Until all shall know
That sin does rust
And brings disgust

For it’s not My will
That any should perish
But it doesn’t change
What men have opened
And what I now say

For yes, I said that sin
Brings forth death
And here again
You see what I meant
When I declared that, too

So don’t relish
Or think in any way
That I take joy
In what I now say

For it grieves Me
To share
A disparaging word

But those that follow Me
Will come to see
Wisdom and understanding

To reach out
And touch and heal
That which comes to steal
Kill and destroy

Soon, you’ll see
What I declare to thee
And it will break out
Across the news
And all will see

For this wickedness is great
And its judgment won’t be late
And you can’t stop
What’s about to come forth

Yes, this can be minimize
If you would pray
Then it could be minimized
But it’s still on the way

Because it’s coming
Like a man running
Down a steep hill
That is about to trip and spill

And he won’t get up
But there he’ll lie and die
Bruised and used

For I proclaim
This word to be true
In My name

So believe it
Because all will see it
But understand,
It’s not the work
Of My hand

For it’s the work of sin
And those who practice it
Will win it’s prize
Only to despise the truth
And embrace lies

For fear shall grip the hearts
Of this nation
In a whole new way
In the coming days

And soon as I said
You’ll hear it, too
But it’s already broken out
Even as I speak to you

And, yes,
I would say
For those that are without

So they can avoid
This plague and live
And come to see
The truth in Me

So I do say
Pray and know
That I did show
And declare it to you
And pray
That it be minimized, too

So don’t be afraid of it
In any way
For those that take the needle
They will inherit
In that day

And they will receive
Their just reward in kind
It’s just a matter of time

For these times
That are coming to be
Shall be perilous, indeed

For many will partake
Of a great heartache
But those that come to Me
Shall be like the children Of Israel
In the land of Goshen

For I will divide
Between the sin of the world
And the righteous that follow Me

For there will be
A great division
That all will see

But it will be My church
That rises in this hour
And is able to deliver by My grace
And My power

Thus says the Lord Jesus.

January 20, 2008 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                        – Recorded by Linda I. Lee



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