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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Come And Be One

Come and be one with Me
And come and know
What I would like to show
To all that will believe

For there are some
That will think
That what I AM
About to say
Does stink

And that none
Can be one
With Me
Much less
On this side of glory

But know that I, Jesus,
Proclaim it
So hear My words
And let your heart be stirred

For they are true
And by My servant
I speak them to you

For I would say
That today
I set the record straight

For I want you
To be one with Me
So come and meditate
But don’t be late

For many have been told
And sold a great lie
By the great spy
The devil of old

For he has caused many
To think it blasphemy
To even consider the thought
That they could be
One with Me

But they fail to see
Or know
What I truly
Intended to be

For I made you in My image
So that you could come
And be one with Me

For I created you
To be part of My great family
To rule with Me
And take your place
In My grace

But in this hour
I will reveal
What the enemy
Has been trying
To steal

And that should
Make you think
Why would he try
To conceal
The real deal?

For it is by My grace
That you are saved
Through faith

And it is by faith
That you will enter
This place
Of grace

For it is a place
In My grace
For all those
That would come
And be one with Me

But many have believed
That I will not share
My glory
With another

This is true!
If you would try to take
What is not given to you

But if I choose to give
My glory
That is another story

Go again and look
In My Book
And you will see
What I AM telling thee

For I will not share
With those
That would dare
Try to take
Or usurp My authority

But they will only
Be forsaken
As Lucifer came to know

When he tried to take
That which was Mine
And it had not be given
In kind

But as for man
He is an extension
Of My hand
And I personally call
To all that know My Name

To come and take their stand
At My right hand
And come be
One with Me

If you fail to see
What I AM telling thee
You will not know
The gift I desire to bestow

For those that honor
And glorify Me
Will find that I, too,
Will honor
And glorify you

For this is all by My grace
So come take your place
With Me and see

For by My Word
I did proclaim
That I crowned man
In the beginning
The same

And now I will restore
That glory
And more
To all that will look to Me
And be Mine

For remember Adam and Eve
And their story
And how they did give up their glory
When they rebelled
And took that which was withheld

For I also proclaimed
That I would return
For a glorious Church
Without spot or wrinkle

But ask yourself
Who is the Church?
And how shall it come
Into this glory?

The Church will come
Into its glory
When it comes to understand
The true story!

And what I intend to do
With all
That call on Me

To help you better understand
Take My hand
And come and see
A revelation hidden in Me

Then you will understand
This glory
And see the end of the story

For God so loved the world
That he gave
His only begotten Son
That whosoever would
Believe on Him
Should not perish
But have everlasting life

For the Father does love Me
And He loves you, too,
And that is why He sent Me
To you

To seek and save
That which was lost
And pay the price
Even when it came
At the highest cost

The Father planted
Me as a Seed
To meet a need

And like all seeds
They do grow
Or didn’t you know?

For I was the First
To be reaped from the earth
To be born again
From the dead

When I took your stead
And bore the sins of all
On the cross
To reverse the fall

And now all that call
On My Name
Can come to know life
And have it more abundantly

But the story does not end there
For those that receive My love
Also become a seed of grace

And if you will honor Me
And the seed of Love
That I deposited in thee
When you called on Me

Then it will begin to grow
And you’ll truly begin to see
What life was meant to be

For those that honor Me
I will honor, in turn,
And it will be like water
To a fern

The seed of Love will grow
And grow
Until you come to know
Me intimately
And learn to walk free

But that is still
Not the end
For when the seed
Becomes a tree

Then it, too,
Will bear good fruit
And the fruit you see
Will be the glory
Invested in thee

So now I hope
You can see
The seed
Is in the fruit
And the fruit
Is in the seed

And the glory
Of the seed
Is the fruit
And the fruit
Has the seed inside
Where it abides
Until planted

So all that accept My call
Are destined
To bear the fruit
Of My Glory
By My grace
And it shall be seen
In your face

For I also declared
That you, too, will receive
A glorified body
Like unto Mine

And I declare
That it is fine
And it will live
Throughout all time

For in it you will bear
My glory
And all will know
Your story

For My Father is the Root
And I AM the Vine
And you are My fruit
And the Holy Spirit
Gives life to us all

And in time
You, too, will be
Like the Root
And the Vine
Because you are the fruit
And in you is a seed

And in the Eternal Day
You will come to see
What this truly means

But come be one with Me
For I have given you a place
In My grace

And soon you will see
My face
And I will erase all
Of the fall

For I created you
To rule
With Me

And I created
You to be Mine
All dressed in fine
White linen

That is bright
As light
A sight to see

So come
And be with Me
And find out
What life is about

For the half
Has not been told
Since the days of old

And don’t buy
Into the devils lies
For he will steal
Your glory
If you fail
To honor Me

For I proclaimed this all
In My Good Book
So if you have any questions
Go take a good look

And I will show you
And make known to all
That would truly seek
And are meek
And follow Me

So come and be one
And think like a son
And take your place
In My grace

Jesus, the True Vine and a Brother for all time. 
August 7, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee 
                     – Recorded by William A. Lee and Linda I. Lee



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