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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Build Your Life On The Rock

Make Me your foundation
Build your life on Me
And do not think salvation
Is just some eternal vacation

For only those that
Take up their cross
Shall escape a total loss

For many seem to think
In the Day of Judgement
They will say,
“Let’s make a deal
And let us barter
in some way.”

But I do proclaim
By My own Name
That there shall be no appeal
Or any other kind of deal

For those that would
Reject Me
And truth
In this life
They will only retire
To an eternal fire
That will never diminish away

But none should fear
If they will draw near
For I have a special place
Close to My heart
And set apart
For those that will come to Me
And not stray

Let me help you understand
That I do, indeed,
Have a divine plan
And a place
I want you to see
Hidden in Me

It was never in My heart
From the very start
To send a man to hell

For I made hell
For the Evil One
And all the rebellious
That would follow

He left his first estate
To try and imitate
But it was never
Intended for him
To be like Me

Instead, He usurped his authority
And would not submit
To the place
I had called him to sit

He demanded his own way
And would not obey
So I sent him away

He committed
High treason
For no good reason

He so desired to ascend
That it ultimately
Became his own end

He wanted to rule
Because of his lust
But instead
Became full of disgust

He wanted all
That was Mine
And he desired
To be divine

But he was cruel
And became a fool
Wanting nothing
But to rule

But let Me show you
A mystery
Hidden from eternity past
Only to at last
Be revealed

The place the devil desired
Was never meant for him

But it was from the start
In My Father's heart
To give it unto men

Man was created in Our likeness
And in Our Image, too
All so he could relate
And come to enjoy Our estate

So realize your place
Is next to Me
And to all that would
Come take a stand
At My right hand

It was My Father's desire
From the beginning
To see
That all would come
To this truth in Me

But be not deceived
It is not a crime
To be divine
And desire to shine
So long as you’re Mine

So let your light
Be bright
Even in the darkest night

Take up your place
Offered by My grace
Come see My face
And live in this wonderful place

I hope you know
And begin to see
That I have great things
In store for thee

On the other hand,
The devil has not
But one desire
And that is
To set your life on fire

He hates you
He first hated Me

He fell from his place
And lost the prize
Because he became wise
In his own eyes

For he came to despise
The truth
And all My ways

He invented the lie
And became a spy
He did not think twice
Before he took his own advise

So now his heart
Is full of mire
Soon to be set on fire

But now I believe
That you see
Exactly what caused his end

So I must send
Him to a place
Away from My face
And My grace

To a lake burning with fire
To cure his desire
To steal, kill and destroy

And all that will take his side
And would walk in pride
Will find a one-way ride
To the same

But do not blame Me
For his fall
For I gave him My all
But he refused his call

It was never in My heart
To set him apart
To the place he will reside

But I will say to all
That would hear
That I call you dear

I know that by him
Came the knowledge
Of sin

As a result
All men came to fall
Through this one
That started it all

So I declare it
Plainly to all
And I make a divine call

Saying, “The choice is yours.
Who will you serve
Me or this enemy?”

I Am Love
and I gave My all
To save you
From the wicked fall

But he is hate
And will not be late
To his trial

So don't be vile
Or listen to his wiles
Don’t go his way
But choose to live
And see another day

Remember, his bark
Is worse that his bite
So do not accept
Any of his fright

Never forget that
I gave you the might
To stand in My sight
And to walk on him
Taking victory over sin

Call on Me
and you will see
that I am full of grace
and glory

I will honor those
that will honor Me

But those that despise
My ways
Will be deemed traitors to all
That is good and true

Do not think for a moment
That your goodness
Will save you
When it was My grace
That took your place

But if you reject My grace
And the place
At My right hand

What can I do
To help save you?

It is only when you look
to My face
that you will find My grace

If you will look to Me
I will save you from sin
And all the grim
Caused by him

So build your life on the Rock
And buy plenty of stock
In Me

And I will give you My peace
And a divine release
From all that would bring you low
Because I love you
More than you know

Call out to me
Then come and see
all you truly mean to Me

Thus says the Lord Jesus, the Rock.

May 30, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                   - Recorded by William A. and Linda I. Lee


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