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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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A Blessing To All

For who would hear
When My Spirit draws near
For when I speak
I seek the meek

That they would hear
With their ear
And be stirred within

Did I not say,
“He that has ears to hear
Let him hear
What the Spirit would say,”

So I also say,
"Hear what the Spirit
Would say today,"

For I AM drawing near
And I AM coming near
To all that would hear

To all that would set their heart
And be set apart
Who would be
A peculiar treasure to Me

A blessing to all
For I do put out My call
“Come, be one
For today is the day of salvation.
And now is the hour of My visitation.”

For I do come
To seek the one
Whose heart
Is set apart

It’s the one
Who set a place
To seek My face

For I desire
A people full of fire
People that are hot
So hot the enemy
Cannot stop

But if you’re cold
Your life is more like mold
You’re infected
And diseased
And you do not please Me

But if you’re hot
It will destroy the rot
And any disease
Will be put to rest
When you seek My best

If you desire to know
Then call on Me
And I’ll tell you so

But come in faith
And believe
Or you will not receive

For how can I give
A life to live
Unless you believe
And receive?

But understand
There’s a way
Found in Me today
A place in My grace

Though the earth does spin
And though many do rock and roll
Because they think they know
The way to go

Yet, I tell you the truth
There’s a whole lot more
That I have in store

That you have not seen
Nor partaken
Because you’ve not looked to Me
To know what could be

But if you will come and ask
I will answer
And if you desire a gift
Ask of Me
And see what will be

But receive it by faith
And when it comes
Do not despise My gift
But make room

And do not think or say
What does this mean today?

For this is the last hour
As I pour out My Spirit
And My power
Because I have a place
In My grace for you

So don’t be surprised
If you look into My eyes
And I pour out My gifts

For there is a new measure
Of My grace
Coming upon the human race

For not all will partake
But all will see
Gifts that have been
Hidden in Me

So don’t hide
But come take a ride
With Me

Come and see
Things that are yet
To be

Come and know
That I can show
And reveal
Even the one that would steal

For there is nothing
Hidden from Me
That I do not see

And I can help
You see
What’s hidden in Me

But you must come
And learn to be one
But you must forsake
Religion and tradition

Simply come and
Give Me time
And let Me bless
And develop

And I will envelope
Your life
With a new gift

For there are gifts in Me
That men
Have yet to see

Signs and miracles
For I AM the Resurrection
And the Life

And I will raise the dead
And bring them
Into a new stead

And all will see
My glory
Great and small

You can partake
Or you can forsake
You can mock
Or you can walk

But if you’ll believe
And receive
I will give you
A new gift

And lift you
Into a new place
In My grace

And when I gift you
Realize and know
It’s not about a show

But it’s a blessing
To be
For another like thee

For My church
Is not about a show
Or I would sell tickets
For you to go

For My church
Is My body
And it’s the place to be
In Me

And if you’re a member
Then you can be a gift
And you can bridge the rift
Between your brother
And another

If you’ll only cover their sin
And let the gift within
Minister grace
In that place

And in that hour
If you will hear what I would say
Then you can enter in
To the new way

The way of faith
The way of life
The way free from strife

For if you only desire
To argue with your brother
So you can prove to be
The greater

Then I say,
You’ve missed the boat
And you have not understood
What it means to look under
Your own hood

For did I not say
That it’s easy to see
The sliver in your brother’s eye
And yet fail to see
The beam in your own

So go home
And search
Your own heart

Seek Me
Seek My ways
Seek to be a blessing
And cover
Your brother

And don’t argue
And waste this hour
When I make My power

All so you could be right
For if you only desire to be right
In the end you’ll be wrong

So don’t fight
Or argue
But let a new song
Be heard
And let your heart be stirred

And see what I can do
With a life set apart
To honor and glorify Me

For that is what I seek
I seek the meek
I seek to find
The true one of a kind

Not a sloppy copy
The genuine
That is fine
And one of a kind

And you can be
That one I seek
If you’ll choose to be meek
And choose to be strong
And do no wrong

But that which is right
In My sight
Is My delight

Hear My heart today
And you’ll begin to see
What I intended
For My church to be

For I will uncover
And expose
A gift

But know it grows
As you seek
To find time
To be Mine

But use wisdom
And understanding, too
If you want to be the one
I do work through

Learn My word
And what it means
To be stirred
And prepare to receive
My glory

It all starts
In the heart
Not in the head

It starts in the heart
When you make the choice
To hear My voice
And set your heart
Apart to Me

And as much
As you’re willing to give
Is the extent
To which you’ll live

And if you’ll learn
To be a sieve
I’ll pour My life
Into your own
Until you become
A righteous stone

If you seek
To be free
Then be willing
To hear Me

And be willing to ask
And be willing to do the task
That I would set before
I open the door

Be willing to prepare
Or you’ll simply stare
At those that do

For I can take you there
And help you prepare

But you must follow Me
And you must be
Willing to see
Through My eyes

So don’t despise
The gifts 
That I would give

But come and live
Come be fine
Come be Mine

So says, Jesus, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit and fire.

September 18, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A Lee
                               - Edited by Linda I. Lee




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