William & Linda Lee

Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Birds Of A Feather

I’m sure you have heard
The well known word
That birds of a feather
Flock together

But have you stopped
To consider
What that means?

For I am the Lord
That created every bird
And even I have heard
This word

But let Me tell you
About the bird
And what you may not
Have heard

I created many birds
Large and small
Great and tall

Some that walk
And some that run
And some that fly
High in the sky

But as with all things
I created
Each one has its own
Unique purpose and place

To bring about fullness
And wholeness
Upon the earth’s face

Some birds hum
Because of the speed
And rhythm of their wings

It’s as though they can fly
From one place in the sky
And go from tree to tree

And flower to flower
To forage hour by hour
Finding their food

Some birds nest low
To the ground
And some nest high

On the side of a cliff
Or in the top of a tree
But all were still
Made by Me

Some flock together
And some fly alone
Some are one color
And some are two tones

Some are grizzled
And some seem to play
Yet they all do their work
Day by day

To fill their belly
Until its full
They fitly go
To and fro

Looking here
And looking there
Seeking to find
One meal at a time

Some like it hot
And some like it cold
And, like you,
Some are young
And some are old

But all in all,
What can I say
To teach you something
That will help you today?

A lesson to be learned
A thought to be had –
If you were a bird
What kind would you be?

So take a quick journey
With Me
So you can see

For this may tell you more
Than you ever
Thought before

Are you like the hummingbird?
That goes from flower to flower
Seeking some nectar to devour?

He cannot soar
But his flight is precise
And his beauty is nice

He seeks the flower
Because he desires
Something sweet

To give him the power
He needs to fly
So quickly
Through the sky

If you think this bird
Is something like you
Then let Me tell you
What you ought to do

You have a power
And a grace
But you need to pace yourself
To finish the race

Or you may find
That your tank
Gets too low
And you’ll begin to slow

And you’ll be too weak
To see
When one comes
To prey on thee

But humble yourself
And know
That flying to and fro

Though it keeps you busy
You will find
That not every flower
Is sweet all the time

But like the bee
You go from tree
To tree

And from flower
To flower
Pollinating hour
By hour

You help bring forth more fruit
You build others up
And you water them too
And for this I commend you

You see every flower
For what it’s truly worth
And you do your best
With such mirth

But then there are the birds
That fly together
They have a formation
That looks impressive

But in the end
They’re really dragging
On their friend

If you’re like one of these
You have a form of godliness
But you haven’t learned
To stand on your own

You’re still looking to others
To help carry your load
And guide you along
In the right direction

This is not entirely wrong

However, I did say in My word
That if the blind
Follow the blind
They both fall in the ditch

And depending on who
Is leading your flock
Can have a lot to do
With your success or failure

For unlike the bird
That’s driven by instinct
That flies to the North
And again to the South

In the spirit
There’s only One
Who can truly show
You the way to go

He won’t lead you astray
But He’ll take you all the way
And lead you
To see a better day

And if you’re wise
You’ll follow Him
And forsake all sin

For I speak of the
Spirit of Truth
Who will lead and guide

So be careful
To discover
With whom you hover

For if you follow a clown
You may lose your crown
And if you follow a fool
You’ll never learn to rule

So I encourage you
To receive My Spirit today
And look to Him
To lead the way

Pray in the Spirit
And with your understanding too
And then you’ll begin to know
What to do

As a result
You’ll leave the flock behind
And you’ll learn how to navigate
By My Spirit in time

Then there are the scavengers
Who go around
Looking for any food
That can be found

They don’t care
What they eat
As long as it looks
Like a treat

They don’t work hard
To find something fresh
Instead, they’ll set their plate
In the trash
Thinking they found
A great and wonderful stash

But all they really found
Was garbage left behind
That wasn’t really a find

But in the end
It will prove
Less than a friend
It will sour in the stomach

And they will drop their dung
On anyone
Standing nearby

And they leave a mess
Wherever they nest
Teaching others to do the same

You’ve probably seen
Or known a few
That you would classify here, too

If this be you
Then hear My words
For I would say to you

Come and eat
The true Bread of Life
And stop dining with strife

Stop living
In the mess
That you’ve made

For nothing unclean
Will inherit eternal life
So amend your ways
And lose the strife

Cleanse yourself
By washing in the water
Of My Word
And spend more time with Me, too

And I’ll point the way
To a better stash
Than any trash
You’ve hereto seen

Now we also have the birds
Those that prefer to run
Than to fly
But they don’t know why

Although they are a bird
They’re helplessly inured
With the ground

And anything
That can be found
In the dust

There are many
Of these birds
All with a different feather

But in the end
Their nature
Is the same

They run to and fro
But they do not know
Where to go

They walk in circles
In search that they might
Find a bite
For their delight

This includes chickens
And turkeys, too
Maybe you know a few

But have you not noticed
That they’re the first to go
When the dinner bell rings?

For they end up
On the table
Because they’re not stable

They hang around
The wrong crowd
They are noisy and loud

Day by day
They search for their prey
But by these signs
They give themselves away

So if you find this shoe fits
Then here are a few tips
Stop clucking your life away
Complaining day by day

About all your troubles
And woes
And your fellow foes

You probably gossip, too
With all the other birds
Just like you

Many of you hang out
Together in the barn
Going over and over
The latest yarn

If you continue
To walk in these ways
It won’t be long
Before you find

Your life cut short
And you find yourself
In some sort
Of predicament

Because of all the chatter
You fail to realize
What really matters

You need to stop
Your tongue
Before it causes
Your neck to be rung

The enemy is waiting
And watching you, too
And he knows
Just how to handle you

You fall right into his hands
Each and every time
Because you refuse
To seek what is Mine

And you refuse to do
What I’ve written
In My Book
And said to you

One more thing I will say
And that is, the day
That you come to understand

That it’s your mouth that ran
Your life astray
And sent you the wrong way

Then you’ll be glad to know
How to use your tongue to sow
And grow what you need

For indeed, it is true
That your words
Are seeds, too

And they can bring forth
Life or death
But in the end, it’s up to you

Then there are
The birds of prey
That seek a new victim
Every day

Though they can fly
They prefer to perch

Like a vulture
Waiting to eat
They desire
To dine on meat

They can smell blood
A mile away
Which makes it easy
To find their prey

Most of these birds
Will eat anything
They can find

Like the vulture –
The deader the better
Even road kill
Makes a tasty meal

They have no scruples
And are ready to steal
Even from their brother
Or any other
If they have the meat
That they seek

They constantly hunt
And are on the prowl
Many by night
Like unto the owl

They wait for the darkness
Until the time is right
Before they take flight

If you’re like one of these
Then you set out each day
To find a new prey

And if you’re mischievous
In all your ways
You’re a wolf
In sheep’s clothing

Waiting to devour
The unsuspecting
At any hour

If you find
That you’re a bird
Of this kind

Repent and turn away
And live to see
A better day

For those that would prey
Upon My people
Would prey on Me as well

And though they prey
They do not pray
To Me

But in truth,
They stay away
And their heart
Is far from Me, too

But if you’ll repent
I’ll show you a better way
To live each day

I’ll give you what you need
And I’ll give you sight
To see the light

So you can help
Others to see
Where the best is found to be

But if you insist
On going your own way
Soon I’ll say,
Depart from Me
For I never knew you!

There are also many birds
That migrate, too

They go from this place
To that place
Never finishing their race

They find it hard to stay
In the same place
Every day

They always desire to see
What’s over the next tree
And at times they seduce

Many to follow
But in the end
Their ways are hollow

For how will you know
Which way to go?

And where to stay
Unless I guide you
Day by day?

For it’s not My way
To send you here
And to send you there

For in My church
I did not call
My people to migrate at all

I will send one out
Or bring one in
But only at My word

And even then
if you have not clearly heard
Then you are a wandering bird

But all in all
You will fall
If you do not find the place
Where My grace
Abides for you

If another would offend
It is not a message
From Me to send you

To a new place
By My grace
Where you think
You should stand

But if one should offend
Then be the bigger
And put it to an end
And stay put

And keep your foot
In the place
Where My grace
Abides for you

But then there are a few
That soar above the rest
The majestic birds
I created to fly the best

They are a sight to see
Even if you ask Me
They can stay aloft
For hours at a time

They can soar high
Above the rest
And they make their nest
High on the rock
Not with the flock

They can see far
And they can see wide
And they can see trouble
Coming from any side

When a storm comes
They do not run and hide
But instead
They lock their wings
And begin to glide

High above the storm
Far into the sky
Where no other bird
Can possibly fly

When the storm abates
Then they come down
From their high place
To search around

Other birds revere
When one of these is near
Particularly those
That haven’t learned to fly

Because these eagles
of Mine
Can intimidate the shy

They are bold and strong
Their place is not for the weak
Therefore many fear to go
Where these eagles seek

But if you wish
To be a leader
I encourage you
To learn to fly
And be like an eagle
In the sky

I’ve crowned him with glory
And majesty too
So you could be inspired
And see what to do

So all can see
What it’s like to soar
Above the roar
Of the crowd
And the haze
Of the cloud

And though there be few
There are some things
You too, should do

Make it a point when flying high
To look out for the rest
Instead of only doing what’s best
For you

And don’t begin to soar
Until I open the door
And make a way
Then you won’t stray

Remember it’s by My grace
That I taught you to fly
And it’s by My grace
That you will reach the sky

So keep your eyes on Me
Until you see
The destination
I point out to thee

As you can see
There are many birds that be
But which one are you?

Part of the flock
Or one of the few?
Do you run?
Or do you fly?

Learn a lesson from the bird
Though an interesting word
It’s not all about fun

But remember,
There’s a serious one
Full of evil to shun
Who is out to steal,
Kill and destroy

So make sure
When he deploys
His trap
That you’re not the chap
That ends up inside

Hear the word of the Lord
And learn from the bird
An encouraging word

And come up higher
And begin to see
What I have intended for thee

But don’t expect to fly
If you don’t keep your eye
On Me

And once you do learn to fly
Remember the how and why
And that it’s by My grace

For I desire to bring you
Into the place
I have for you to be
Here next to Me

Remember it takes wisdom
And understanding to fly

For the bird
It’s instinctive
He doesn’t have to know why
I built it into him

But for you
It will require
Knowledge and understanding
Of My ways

So says, the Lord of heaven and earth.

The One who holds you dear
And requires that you come near
And seek My face
To enter your place of rest

May 20, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                     – Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee



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