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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Tears in a Bottle

Through the years
I’ve seen your tears
I counted them all in a bottle1

You lived life your way
Rather than Mine
You lived your life full throttle

You thought you were invincible
But you forgot the principle
That pride goes before a fall

And deep down inside,
Your soul filled with pride
You had no time for Me

How great was the fall
When you found it all
Come crashing down on thee

No matter how hard you tried
Or how much you cried
You couldn’t hide
The shame you felt inside

You tried and you failed
But to no avail
You could not hold back your sorrow

Despairing for a friend
In the end
You just couldn’t face tomorrow

Deep down inside
You couldn’t hide
The shame that you felt alone

Alone at night…

In My sight
You were a child forlorn
Wondered why you were born

You thought no one but you
Ever really knew
The pain you had to bear

But I knew all your fears
And through all your tears
I was always right there with you

Your every loss
I bore on the Cross
So you wouldn’t have to

Moment by moment
I had plans for your life
Plans for good and not evil

But you didn’t know

Now I AM calling out to you
Hear Me
And know it’s true

When I bore those stripes
And nails in My hands
I did it all for you!

So you could be healed
Complete and whole
In your body and your soul

What good are prayers
With candles lit
And crosses on a wall

If you don’t know
That I gave it all
For you?

That I’m right here
Waiting for you
Hearing everything you say

Hearing what you pray
And ready with the answer
When you call on Me

If only you could see
How I willingly
Gave My life for you

What more
Could I ever do
To show My great love for you?

So come to Me
And let Me be
All that you'll ever need

I'll heal your wounded heart
And give you a fresh start
When you open your heart to Me

Trade your despair
For My tender care
And come to know My love for you

There are no bounds to measure
The exceedingly great pleasure
Found in you

As never before
I do implore you
To trust Me fully
For I am Holy
And wholly committed to you

For I do delight
In making things right
For you

For it makes My heart sing
For the joy it brings
Knowing you
And having you in My family, too

For I long to give you everything
And share My treasure
For the pleasure
Of seeing you prosper in body, soul and spirit

For I do impart
The desires of your heart
When you seek Me with all of yours

Then you will find
Great peace of mind
No more fears
No more tears filling a bottle

Thus says the Lord, My name is Jesus

5/28/2007 – Prophecy given and recorded by Linda I. Lee

1 Psalm 56:8
  You number my wanderings;
  Put my tears into Your bottle;
  Are they not in Your book?



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