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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Open Your Heart To Me

Hear My call
I stand ready to give it ALL
To you

The half has not been told
Of all that I hold
For you
Within My hands

Life eternal
Yes, it’s true
But more than that
Here and now for you

Life and health
Untold wealth
Beyond your dreams

Life in its fullness
Greater than gold
Real Life

But before you can partake
You must make
Me your Lord and Savior

Until you do
You will find
You cannot change your behavior

Hear My voice
Make your choice
You’ll always remember this day

When I made the call
To give you ALL
And you decided to turn away

I will not always plead
With you
So come and heed
My call

I only want to give
A good life to you
So that you can really live

Life to the full
Your cup overflowing
You will be fulfilled

But the sad truth is
You can turn away
And blame it all on Me

But the Day will come
You can be sure
When everyone will see

That you had a choice
But ignored My voice
It wasn’t up to Me

I gave free will
But even still
I spoke in that still small voice

I called to you
And what did you do
You decided and made your choice

To go it alone
How could you have known
That when you turned away

Your life would then end
Without the Friend
Who laid down His life to pay

For all your sin
Even when
You didn’t know any better
That’s why I’m writing this letter

Again I say
Turn to Me today
I have given My life for you!

What more could I give
So that you could live
With Me forevermore

The tears that you shed
Were seen when I bled
And died for you

For your life, not Mine
I gave Myself away
And laid aside My deity

And took on all your sins
Even those within
So that you could go Scot free

I only ask that you see
your need
And respond
By giving your life to Me

The Father is calling
The Father is drawing
Do not ignore His call

Whosoever will
Can receive His love
While there’s still time
To receive it all

The True, Righteous Judge
Must one day hold court
And when He raises that gavel

On that Day
It will be too late
For hearing regrets and pleas
As you watch your life unravel

The attorney, you see
Will be Me
To plead your case
Of receiving My grace
And opening your heart to Me

But you made your choice
To ignore My voice
On the day 
That I wrote you this letter

So think again
If this is the end
Is this what you really want?
Or could you do better?

Could it be
That now you see
My love for you in writing this letter?

Heed my call,
Don’t take the fall
That was never intended for you

In My goodness I say
Come to me today!
This is really true
I died and paid it all for you!

Open your heart
It’s just the start
Of knowing My goodness and love

True life within
Free from sin 
No more tears
No more fears
Alone without My love

There’s more at stake
Once you partake
Of My love and great provision

Come to Me
And you will see
What it means to be truly living

I’m a God of hearts
Who imparts
True Love and all you need
To those who open their heart to Me

Thus says Jesus, Lord of Hearts.

May 26, 2007 – Prophecy given and recorded by Linda I. Lee



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